Motorola MOTOPAD to be the first device with Android 3.0

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 15, 2010

MOTOPAD Honeycomb tweet

We've seen a multitude of leaks surrounding Gingerbread and various devices that it may be running on, but Google's tablet-centric version of Android, aka Honeycomb, has been in the spotlight far less.  Luckily, a single tweet has brought Honeycomb to the forefront once again.  The Twitter account of, @MobiReview, has reported that Motorola will once again help to debut a new version of Android, this time 3.0.  A device called the Motorola MOTOPAD will be the first to feature Honeycomb and will come in a 7-inch size, but outside of those little nuggets of information, nothing has been revealed just yet.

Motorola has had a tablet leak a couple of times in the past (Stingray), but it's not clear if this MOTOPAD is the Stingray, a smaller version of a 10-inch Stingray, or something else entirely.  Either way, a Tegra 2-powered Motorola tablet with Honeycomb sounds pretty good right now.  It's interesting that Google is going back to Motorola to help debut a new version of Android, as they seem to be giving their love to several major manufacturers.  Moto was the first with a device running Android 2.0, then HTC made the Nexus One, and now Samsung has been tapped for the Nexus S and Gingerbread while Moto will be the first to market with a Honeycomb device.  Perhaps we'll see an HTC device be the first to run Ice Cream?

Via SlashGear, @MobiReview