Rumor: HTC Speedy will be known as the EVO Shift 4G, Nexus S to sport a curved display

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 16, 2010

HTC Knight Speedy EVO Shift 4G

When we learned that HTC was trying to trademark the name "HTC EVO Shift 4G," we speculated that the device could end up being an EVO with a physical QWERTY keyboard bolted on, which is an idea that many of you seemed to like.  According to an "established tipster" speaking to Engadget, the EVO Shift 4G is actually the HTC Knight/Speedy that leaked last month.  The device is described as being a "downsized EVO 4G with a four-row sliding keyboard and a larger battery" and, interestingly, the source says that the front-facing camera found on the EVO will be cut from its keyboard-toting little brother.  Engadget's source also had something to say about the Nexus S: it'll include a curved display that Samsung claims improves "perceived usability" when compared to a flat screen.

The EVO Shift 4G names seems appropriate for the Speedy (as one of our commenters guessed), especially when you notice that the Speedy has capacitive Android keys on its face, just like the EVO.  It would be pretty disappointing if the EVO Shift 4G ends up lacking a front-facing camera, especially if it's WiMAX-capable like the name implies, but at least those owners will have something that EVO users can lust over: a physical QWERTY.  So how about it, readers?  Would you be willing to trade in the EVO's front-facing camera and 4.3-inch display for something that's a bit smaller but has a hardware keyboard and beefier battery?

Via Engadget