More PlayStation Phone information comes to light

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 26, 2010

PlayStation Phone Z-System

The PlayStation Phone seems to be one of the most anticipated Android phones in recent memory, and luckily for us, some more details of the mysterious handheld gaming handset have leaked.  First up is the most important piece of information: the PlayStation Phone does exist (whew).  Unfortunately, a December 9th launch seems out of the queston, as the tipster says that Sony Ericsson is aiming for a February launch with a price tag of around $500 off-contract, which would include five free games.  After the five free games, you'll reportedly be paying mobile phone-like prices for games, which will be build specifically for this platform.  If you're interested in actual PSP games, well, it's not clear if the PlayStation Phone will be able to run them.  The games that are on the device, though, will likely be available through the Z-System distribution center.  It's not clear whether the Z-System will be a standalone app or something available through the Android Market, but it's said that SE and Google are working closely together to bring everything into the Market.  Finally, the screen on the PlayStation Phone is said to be "mind-blowing," and is at least on-par with the iPhone 4's Retina Display.

The pieces of the PlayStation Phone puzzle are slowly coming together, and I have to say, everything looks pretty good so far.  Previously, I said that two of the biggest things that Sony Ericsson had to nail are the launch date and the price.  If the February launch rumor holds true, then I'd be happy with that.  Sony Ericsson has been known to announce a handset and then wait months to actually launch it, so it's good to see that they'll be bringing the PlayStation Phone to market sooner rather than later.  The $500 price point is great, too, considering that just about an unlocked smartphone will run you at least $500, if not more.  So now that more details about the PlayStation Phone have come to light, has it jumped to the top of your must-have list?

Via MobileCrunch (Image via Engadget)