Motorola Olympus to AT&T in Jan., LTE-equipped version to Verizon in Feb. or Mar.?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 26, 2010

Motorola Olympus

So now we know just what the Motorola Olympus looks like, that it's powered by a Tegra 2 core, and that it's coming to AT&T.  Is there anything else we should know?  Well, according to a Motorola source speaking with Boy Genius Report, the Olympus will be landing on ATT earlier than just about anyone would have guessed -- January.  Verizon folks shouldn't get too flustered, though, because they'll be getting in on the Olympus fun, too.  However, their handset will be just a tad different.  The same Moto source reports that Big Red's device is actually codenamed Etna and that it's coming in February or March with LTE on board.  Oh, and if you aren't drooling just yet, the Olympus is said to be “very fast, and the new screen is beautiful.”

AT&T isn't exactly known to as the go-to carrier for Android, especially if you prefer something a bit more high-end, so the news that the Olympus will be making its way to Ma Bell's airwaves in January is pretty exciting news.  In fact, the only thing that could trump the Olympus on AT&T is an LTE-capable model on Verizon, especially since we only have to wait until February or March to get our hands all over the speedy little device.  We know that Verizon expects to begin launching LTE phones in February, so perhaps the Etna will be the first one out of the gate.  Now that we know the Moto is also producing an LTE handset, you've got a choice to make when it comes to selecting a 4G phone: Motorola Etna or HTC Incredible HD?