BlackBerry 8980 gets outed by the FCC

Published: November 30, 2010

BlackBerry 8980

After the BlackBerry Bold 9780 launched here in the U.S., we were left with one less leaked 'Berry to obsess over.  Another device from RIM has appeared to take the 9780's place, though, as the BlackBerry 8980 has been outed by the good folks at the FCC.  Likely the sequel to the Curve 8900, the 8980 is packing quad-band GSM/EDGE radios, a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, optical trackpad, a physical QWERTY keyboard, and the usual Bluetooth/WiFi trimmings you'd expect in a smartphone.

The last time we saw the 8980, it was all the way back in April, so it's good to see the 8900 successor show its face once again.  The 8900 was one of the more handsome handsets made by RIM in recent memory, and the 8980 seems like it's going to be a looker, too.  It's tough to tell right now, but judging by the FCC's photo of the device, it looks like RIM took the Bold 9700/9780's body and bolted a Curve keyboard on it to make the 8980.  There's no word on which carrier(s) will launch the 8980, but as with most GSM 'Berries, it's probably a safe bet that both AT&T and T-Mobile will be on board.  So, who's excited about this new addition to the BlackBerry family?

Via PhoneScoop, FCC

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