Venue Pro spied on Dell's site, said to be shipping on Dec. 14th for $149.99

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 30, 2010

Dell Venue Pro

We've been waiting for some time now for the Dell Venue Pro to be widely available (that is, outside of the six or seven Microsoft stores around the country), but it looks like we won't be waiting much longer.  Earlier today, the Venue Pro was posted on Dell's website with a preliminary shipping date of December 14th and a two-year contract price set at $149.99.  If you'd prefer your Venue Pro to have a little more off-contract flavor, you'll be paying $499.99 for the pleasure.  The listing has since been pulled, so now we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Considering how little we see the sliding portrait QWERTY form factor, especially with a 4.1-inch display, the Venue Pro is one of the more unique Windows Phone 7 launch devices.  Sure, the handset has had its fair share of problems, but once they're all ironed out (which I'm sure will be soon), I wouldn't be surprised if it was also one of the most popular WP7 phones.  I'm just bummed that T-Mobile isn't offering the Venue Pro in its stores, which I'm certain is going to hinder its chances at success.

Via TmoNews, Pocketnow

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