PlayStation Phone spotted being used in the wilds of Greece

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 1, 2010

PlayStation Phone video

It's been a few days since the PlayStation Phone has been in the news, but today the device has made its presence know in a big way.  Spotted somewhere in the lands of Greece, the PlayStation Phone is the star of a blurry, nearly two-minute video where we see the device flying through different parts of the OS, although the slide-out gamepad and its well-known PlayStation buttons don't make an appearance.  It's being reported that the PlayStation Phone is being referred to as the Sony Ericsson Z1, at least for now, and that it's sporting the Gingerbread version of Android.  Finally, the screen is said to be a 4-inch affair that is said to be pretty responsive to touch.  You can watch the full clip down below.

Thanks to the blurry, spy--style way that the video is shot, it's pretty tough to make out anything that's happening on-screen.  Still, the display does seem nice and responsive, and the device as a whole looks like it's a good size that will fit well in the hand.  There's not much else to be said right now since we can't really see the PlayStation Phone very well in the video, but it's certainly nice to see it in the wild once again.  Now I just hope that the rumors of a February launch hold true, because I'm not sure I could wait much longer for this gaming handheld/smartphone hybrid.

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