comScore report shows Android nipping at Apple's heels

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 3, 2010

comScore Top Smartphone Platforms

We know that the Motorola DROID is No. 1 out of all Android phones, but how popular is the OS itself compared to its competitors?  According to the latest comScore report, it's doing pretty well.  For the three-month period of July 2010 to October 2010, Android gained 6.5 percent to finish in third place, right behind Apple and its 24.6 percent share of the market.  RIM is holding steady in the top position with 35.8 percent of the market, but they did lose 3.5 percent between July and October.  Rounding out the top five we've got Microsoft and Palm with 9.7 percent and 3.9 percent, respectively.

Things on the manufacturer front haven't changed much since the last time we saw these numbers, with Samsung sitting pretty with 24.2 percent of the market.  LG isn't far behind with 21 percent, while Motorola isn't far behind them with 17.7 percent.  Farther back in the standings in RIM with 9.3 percent, and in last place is Nokia with 7.1 percent of the market.  One last interesting note: comScore is reporting that 1 out of every 4 mobile customers are using a smartphone.

Once again, Android is the big winner when it comes to smartphone platforms, gaining a whopping 6.5 percent in just three months.  There's no doubt that Google's green robot has been exploding over the past year or so, and it makes you wonder how long the OS can keep up this kind of growth.  Although comScore's report is only concerned with smartphones, I'm sure that the impending wave of Android-powered tablets is going to help the platform sustain its popularity over the next year or so.  The fact that there are high-end Android phones hitting all of the carriers, including smaller ones like U.S. Cellular, is definitely helping, too.  So now I pose the question to you, readers: how much longer do you think Android will be able to keep up this explosive growth?

comScore Top Mobile OEMs

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