Nexus S shows us what its camera is capable of

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 4, 2010

Nexus S Google bus seats

We've seen photos of the Nexus S leak several times by now, but photos taken with the Nexus S have been a little harder to come by.  Some anonymous Nexus S user has changed that, though, uploading photos and videos to show just what the device's camera sensor is capable of.  Several photos of Google bus seats were taken with a "Samsung GT-I9020" and uploaded to Picasa, an example of which you can see above.  The Nexus S goodness doesn't end there, though, because a short clip was also uploaded to YouTube.  Sure, the 23-second HD video isn't most exciting thing we've ever seen, but at least we're getting an idea of just what the NS and its camera are capable of.  You can also see an alleged shot of the Nexus S itself below.

From what we've heard of its specs so far, the Nexus S sounds like a pretty high-end device, and the photos are evidence of that.  The video doesn't look quite as nice, but we'll withhold judgment until the Nexus S actually comes out and we're able to spend some quality time with it.  While the a device's camera performance probably won't make or break a purchase for most people, it's certainly an important factor in the buying process.  With that said, I pose this question to you: has what we've seen of the Nexus S camera influenced your opinion of the handset?

Nexus S

Via Engadget, Brief Mobile, Picasa

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