Nokia X7 photos leak with AT&T-branding in tow

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 7, 2010

Nokia X7 AT&T

We don't see a ton of Nokia smartphones get picked up by a major carrier here in the U.S., but a new image shows that the quad-speaker-sporting Nokia X7 will buck that trend.  Famed mobile journalist Eldar Murtazin has gotten his hands on the X7 and posted a couple of photos for our enjoyment.  As you can see near the earpiece, there is clearly some AT&T-branding present and around back, there's a camera of the 8 megapixel variety.  There aren't many other details available (besides a rumored 4-inch display), although in his short preview of the device, Murtazin is translated as saying "I do not like this device."  Check out one more shot of the X7 down below.

The X7 looks like a handsome little device and, with its four speakers, could be attractive to users that consume a lot of media.  The fact that it's running Symbian^3 makes me a little nervous, though.  Many reviews of the Nokia N8 said that while the hardware is nice, Symbian^3 is beginning to get "long in the tooth," and I'm concerned that it'll be the same situation with the X7.  Still, I'll reseve judgment until I'm actually able to get some hands-on time with the device.  After looking over these images, what are your early opinions on the Symbian-powered X7?

Nokia X7 rear

Via Engadget, Eldar Murtazin