Rumor: Palm to release a new device every two months in 2011

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 9, 2010

Palm Pixi 2

HP and Palm have been pretty stingy when it comes to releasing new handsets lately, but it looks like they'll be making a New Year's resolution to change that in 2011.  According to PreCentral forum member "jerseydevil," HP VP Tom Bradley spoke during an HP All Employee Broadcast and said that the company plans to "ship a new smartphone every two months."  The first handset that will be a part of the new release schedule looks like it'll be a Pixi 2, described as "the world's smallest smartphone."  Unfortunately, the Pixi 2 looks like it'll follow in the Pre 2's footsteps, making its first appearance on SFR in France.

If HP does end up shipping out a new device every two months, that would be pretty amazing.  It may not match the crazy pace that Android is on now, but since the Palm Pre 2 is the first real new device we've seen from Palm in about a year, we'll take it.  I'm not completely sold on the tiny Pixi 2, but it'll be a good device for people with small hands and anyone who is still attached to their Centro.  I just hope that the 5-inch Mansion is coming shortly after the Pixi 2.  It sounds like a monstrous device, and, as nice as the Pixi 2 sounds, I'd say it's about time that we see webOS put onto a new form factor.

Via PreCentral