HTC A7373 appears on a leaked Sprint document

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 10, 2010

HTC A7373 Sprint

We already know that HTC plans to bring the EVO Shift 4G to Sprint, but a newly-leaked doc shows that it's not going to be alone.  As you can see above, the HTC A7373 is currently projected to arrive on the Now Network on January 9th.  The only problem?  No one is quite sure just what the A7373 is.  A Google search for "HTC A7373" brings up a few Russian sites talking about the HTC Desire Z, and searching for "HTC A7272" yields even more pages about the Z.  Does this mean a Sprint version of the Desire Z/G2 is on the way?

A Sprint-branded version of the Desire Z/G2 wouldn't be terribly surprising considering that Verizon has it's own G2 variant in the Merge.  What's funny, though, is that if the A7373 is a Sprint Desire Z and its January 9th launch date holds true, it's entirely possible that the Sprint phone will be launched before Verizon's Merge, even though the Merge has been leaking since August.  Then again, perhaps the A7373 is the EVO Shift 4G.  We haven't seen the EVO Shift's keyboard yet, so maybe HTC decided to take the Desire Z and tweak it a bit to look like a smaller EVO.  Plus, the EVO Shift 4G does have a rumored launch date of January 6th.  It's definitely something to consider.  What do you all think?

Via Android Central