Rumor: PlayStation Phone could become the "Xperia Play"

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 21, 2010

Xperia Play trademark

The PlayStation Phone still doesn't have an official launch date, pricing, or even an actual name, but that hasn't stopped the PS Phone rumors from coming in.  Today we've got two more to add to the pile: a name and possible reveal date.  Manufacturer Sony Ericsson has been granted the trademark to "Xperia Play" in Europe, and it's been discovered that Swedish PR firm Jung Relations has snapped up the,, and domains.  Care to take a guess as to who one of Jung Relations' clients might be?  I'll give you a hint: Eony Sricsson.

Next up, the folks over at Pocket-lint are reporting an unsourced rumor which says the PlayStation Phone will finally make its debut at Mobile World Congress in February.  Additionally, they believe that the device will launch in April in the U.K., although no U.S. launch date was mentioned.  The most recent U.S. release rumor points toward March 2011, which would make sense if a MWC reveal does end up going down. 

We all kind of assumed that Sony Ericsson would come up with something other than PlayStation Phone once the device finally hit shelves and, unsurprisingly, it looks like they're planning to add it to their XPERIA line of handsets.  The name XPERIA Play doesn't seem like a bad one, but I feel like SE should leverage the PlayStation brand with the device.  After all, it is a gaming-centric device, and the PlayStation name is one of the biggest in gaming.  What do you all think would be a good name for the PlayStation Phone?

Via Unofficial Xperia X10 Blog, Pocketnow, Pocket-lint