webOS 2.0 for the original Pre leaks with a handful of new features

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 21, 2010

webOS 2.0 Sprint Palm Pre

Owners of any webOS device besides the Pre 2 are still waiting on HP/Palm to push out the upgrade to webOS 2.0, but today a leak showing off webOS 2.0.1 running on a Pre has appeared to try and whet your appetite for new software.  Titled "HP webOS Nova-Barley," this version, which is also compatible with AT&T/VZW Pre Plusses, is largely the same OS you'll find running on the Pre 2 right now, but it does have support for voice dialing and some various settings (photos, agenda, Facebook) for Exhibition View.  This version of webOS is said to perform well, although it's not quite fast enough and is a little buggy.  When it's finally pushed out over the air, the final build of this OS is reportedly going to be version 2.1.

It's kind of disappointing that the Pres and Pixis of the world are still waiting to be upgraded to webOS 2.0, but at least Palm/HP is still working on getting the OS out to users.  The question is, will webOS 2.0 for the Pres and Pre Plusses beat the Verizon Pre 2, which is rumored to be launching in Q4 2010, to the market?  It certainly doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility.  How many of you Pre owners out there have stuck with the original webOS, or picked up one of the Plus models, and are eagerly waiting to upgrade to webOS 2.0?

webOS 2.0 voice calling

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