Rumor: iPad 2 to feature a thinner case and new "wide-range speaker"

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 23, 2010

iPad 2 wide-range speaker mockup

So Apple is going to release a new version of the iPad next year, and as with any hotly-anticipated new product, it seems like new rumors about the device pop up at least once a week.  The latest bit of speculation comes from Japanese blog Mac Otakara, who claims that the iPad 2 will feature a bezel that's 3mm thinner, a flat back, the very same 9.7-inch screen size, an overall slightly smaller size (239 x 186 mm compared to the current iPad's 242.8 x 189.7 mm size), and, finally, a new "wide-range speaker," which is what you see in the render up above.  Like we've heard from previous rumors, Mac Otakara believes that the iPad 2 will begin shipping from factories in January, which would line up with an April launch.

We all expect that Apple is going to tweak the iPad at least a little bit for the next version, and a lot of today's rumor seems like a pretty safe bet since it's not really too "out there."  The case will likely be a little thinner, I doubt we'll see a new iPad display size, and while I never would've really thought about Apple including a new kind of speaker, it certainly wouldn't surprise me.  That new speaker would fit nicely in the cutouts that we saw in recently-leaked cases, so don't be surprised if the iPad 2 pumps out some better audio in April next year.  Do you have any other iPad 2 predictions that others may have missed?

Via Engadget, Mac Otakara

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