Samsung's Galaxy S product pages listing Android 2.2 as a feature [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 28, 2010

Samsung Vibrant Android 2.2

Many of you think that Samsung should skip the Froyo update for its Galaxy S line of updates and go straight to Gingerbread, but Samsung's site shows that Android 2.2 may still be coming.  After perusing the product pages for Sammy's line of Galaxy S devices, it's been revealed that the Epic, Fascinate, and Vibrant are all listed as running Android 2.2.  Meanwhile, the Captivate and Continuum are still shown to feature Android 2.1.

It's entirely possible that this is simply a mistake that will be corrected shortly, but some believe that this is an indication that the Froyo updates for the Epic, Fascinate, and Vibrant will all be arriving shortly.  That'd be pretty awesome, even if Android 2.2 has been around for seven months now.  I'm not going to hold my breath, and neither should you, but an upgrade to Froyo for at least some of the Galaxy S line would make for a nice CES surprise.  What do you all make of Samsung's product page updates?  Are these typos or signs of things to come?

UPDATE: Looks like Samsung has corrected the pages, as they now all show "Galaxy S with Android 2.1 OS."  So are simple typos to blame, or do you think this shows that the updates are coming?

Via Android Central, Samsung: Epic, Fascinate, Vibrant, Captivate, Continuum