100 iPad and Tablet Sweepstakes FAQs

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| December 29, 2010

After 82% of our audience voted in favor of winning more free tablets over a Super Bowl trip, we introduced the new and improved 100 iPad & Tablet Sweepstakes.  We also developed a new application making it easier for our fans to enter to win.  With changes comes questions, so we have a new FAQ section to help make things perfectly clear about our giveaway.  

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Complete Terms and Conditions can be found here.  If you have additional questions, please leave us a comment so we can answer those as well.  

100 iPad and Tablet Sweepstakes FAQs

What if i already registered for the “100 iPad / Big Game” (now called the “100 iPad and Tablet”) Sweepstakes before December 18th?  

Entries made through our previous registration form prior to December 18th, will still be valid and merged with the data from the new entry process before the drawing.  The only difference is that participants will not know their ticket numbers, so we’ll have to contact those winners.  To make the sweepstakes more fun and transparent for previous entrants, we recommend they re-enter via the new form at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes.

Can i enter again using the new and improved entry application at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes

Yes, then your previous entry made prior to Dec 18th will be replaced with the new one and you’ll have access to view your ticket numbers to redeem a winning ticket.

Do people really win?  

YES, YES, YES.  PhoneDog Media has awarded over 120 devices in less than two (2) years via the One-Paw Bandit and other sweepstakes.  You can easily look up past winners on our site or via Facebook after we announce the winners in the 100 iPad and Tablet Sweepstakes.

What happened to the Super Bowl Grand Prize?

It’s no longer a part of the contest.  Yep, the game has changed.  We've listened to you via our poll (http://bit.ly/100ipadbiggamepoll), and we've pulled the Super Bowl prize out of the game.  It's all tablets now, but it's even better than that.  Sweepstakes winners now get to choose between an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or BlackBerry Playbook.

Why is PhoneDog giving away so many cool tech gadgets?  

We are a group of mobile tech and social media enthusiasts who are trying to become well known in the web publishing industry.  We are up against a lot of very well funded and large media companies.  Giving away prizes is a great way for our audience to win cool gadgets and for us to become noticed by a larger audience.

Can international participants win?  

Yes, unless prohibited by law...such as those individuals residing in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and India.  More information can be found at http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php

What if i already LIKE PhoneDog or any of the other network sites from PhoneDog Media?  

Then just make your entry official by selecting your prize of choice at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes (you need to be logged into Facebook)

How many total entries/ticket numbers can i obtain?

Up-to 35.  If you LIKE all 6 network site pages, and select a prize, then you already have 7.  You can then obtain up-to 28 additional tickets by inviting your friends to enter as well using the “Increase your Chances” tab on the entry app http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes.  All successful ticket numbers can be viewed in real-time under the “My Entries” tab on the app.

When is the drawing?   

January 17th, 2011 at 8pm ET (Eastern Time) via a LIVE broadcast at http://bit.ly/OnePawLive.  Subsequent drawings of up-to ten (10) additional tablets will be held each following night at 8pm ET Monday through Friday.  Example, if we meet our goal of 500,000 entries, 10 tablets will be drawn nightly for 10 consecutive days (not including weekends) until all tablets based on valid entries have been awarded. Drawing event times and dates will be updated as sweepstakes submissions are submitted and can be viewed at http://on.fb.me/pdevents.

How do i know if I won?  

We will post the winning ticket numbers beginning January 18th, 2011 on our Facebook pages and on PhoneDog.com.  You’ll have up to February 7th at 12:00 AM ET to contact us and claim your prize and provide us with shipping information.

If I invite my Facebook friends, wont that lower my chances of winning?  

No, it’ll actually increase your odds of winning for two reasons:

You get an additional ticket number for each person that you invite through the “Increase your Chances” tab on the entry form (up to 28 additional entries if you have 28 friends that sign-up from the invite).  

For every 5000 LIKES we receive, we keep adding one additional prize to the sweepstakes to keep the odds better than 1/5000.

Do I have to watch the live drawing to win? 

No, but then you will need to pay attention to the winning ticket announcements made on PhoneDog.com and our Facebook pages to see if your ticket numbers are winners

Do I have to have a Facebook account?


Will the Blackberry Playbook be available to win on January 17th?

If you win and chose the Blackberry Playbook as your prize, you will be given the option to choose another tablet or wait until the Playbook is publicly available.