Nokia employee describes idea of Nokia using Windows Phone 7 as "stark raving loony"

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 30, 2010

Nokia N8 Windows Phone 7

There have been rumors in the past claiming that Nokia was planning to create Android-powered devices, but they were often killed before gaining much traction.  A more recent bit of speculation again claimed that Nokia would be using an OS other than Symbian or MeeGo on their handsets, but this time the platform in question was Windows Phone 7.  Although Nokia has yet to publicly comment on the rumor, Nokia employee Watts Martin has put in his two cents on the matter on his blog.  Martin describes the thought of a Nokia-branded WP7 devices as "stark raving loony" due to the fact that the Finnish manufacturer demands a great deal of control over their products, not unlike Apple.

Considering how fervent Nokia was in shooting down the rumors that they were making Android devices, it seems kind of unlikely that they'd turn to Windows Phone 7, no matter who their president is.  Martin notes that over the past year, Nokia has begun to take user experience design pretty seriously, which is evidenced by the company's recent statement that they plan to overhaul Symbian in 2011.  Nokia also said that they'll be bringing dual-core hardware next year, so it sounds like they're getting serious about becoming more competitive in the New Year, especially in the North American market.  Here's to hoping that they're successful, because competition is always a good thing.

Via BGR, Coyote Tracks