Adriana's New Year's resolutions

| December 31, 2010


There are so many resolutions people make this time of year, and it's often tied to looking better, feeling better or making better money. And given how big a part of our lifestyle smartphones have become, there's no shortage of resolutions to be made around these devices.

Need to quit smoking? Go on a diet? Create a healthy meal plan? There certainly are apps for that. Job hunting too. And of course, a ridiculous number of ways to stay connected with friends and family.

So many ways to improve ourselves — and yet, for me, I notice that I keep doing the same things as always: Finding ways to spend money, to not connect personally with people, etc… I just have shiny new techno-driven ways to do it.

This year, I added a tablet to my personal arsenal of technology. And a new laptop. And also a bevy of other doodads and accessories. And still, I forgot my friend's birthday. I mean, you'd think that I'd have my dozen or so calendars and alarms (which sync to the same Google account, fer crying out loud) all set up. So while I'm gratified professionally, on a personal level, I'm a disaster. 

Well, no more. Instead of a vague pledge to make some changes, I actually took pains to write out my resolutions for the coming year. Feel free to pilfer what might suit you, or just take this opportunity to laugh (with me, not at me, right?). So here goes.

In 2011, I resolve to…

… put my friends and family members' birthdays (not to mention my anniversary!) in my calendar, WITH alerts.

… stop shutting off my diet/health app or workout alarms, and actually use them.

… consider how much all those fun apps are really costing me — preferably before my parent/S.O./self starts yelling at me over the bill.

… likewise show some restraint with my Amazon/Ebay/Craigslist app!

… see an accessory or other item that a friend would love, and instead of trying to remember to mention it, just gift it to them as a random act of kindness. 

… remember that a birthday text is not the same as a birthday card, or better yet, a gift or phone call.

… NOT be annoyed when a friend who owes me money uploads pics of their latest coat, expensive dinner or other splurge.

… meet up with or at least vid chat with a friend or relative — because Facebook updates aren't the same as seeing and catching up with a loved one.

… STOP tweeting about what I had for breakfast, that booooring office meeting or other minutiae that don't just make people want to stop following me, but want to punch me.

… have more patience, even when it feels like I'm being tested — like when a fankid of that other platform starts waxing poetic about their stupid… uh, alternative OS/app/device.

… hold to these resolutions as best I can, but also be kind to myself as well. If I falter, I'll forgive myself and begin again. If I don't, well hey — looks like someone might be deserving of a sexy new tablet or smartphone this year, no? I mean, integrity is its own reward and all, but there's nothing wrong with a little incentive.

So what are your resolutions this year? And have you got your eye on a particular incentive of your own yet? Don't be shy. Weigh in below, and let's ring in the new year together with a little hope and the potential for a lot of shiny new fun — hopefully with a faster processor.