HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T leaks in new ad, ThunderBolt along for the ride

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: January 4, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt Inspire 4G

HTC's ThunderBolt has leaked several times over the past month or so and is set to debut this Thursday, January 6th, but just in case you still didn't completely buy into the leaks, a new advertisement has confirmed the name for us and revealed something new, too.  As you can see in the image above, the ThunderBolt appears in an ad in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, settling the name of Verizon's first LTE device once and for all.  The most interesting part of the leak, though, is the AT&T-branded Inspire 4G hiding between the ThunderBolt and the EVO 4G.

AT&T doesn't yet have an official 4G network, and didn't plan to have one up until the middle of 2011, but the Inspire's appearance in this ad shows that maybe they've decided to follow T-Mobile's footsteps and brand their HSPA+ coverage as 4G.  With all of their competitors launching 4G-compatible handsets, and the fact that they're likely going to lose iPhone exclusivity soon, I can't say that I'd blame AT&T for going that route.  We don't really know much about the Inspire besides the fact that it's AT&T-bound, but judging by its looks, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up sporting specs similar to the Desire HD.  We're sure to learn more about both the Inspire 4G and the ThunderBolt in the coming days, so stay tuned to PhoneDog for all the latest info!

Via Android Central

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