Rumor: New iPhone 5 Casing on video: The New iPhone or Verizon model?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 5, 2011

iPhone 5 casing

Many have wondered what changes, if any, Apple would make to the iPhone 5 to address the fourth model's signal problems, and today that information may have been revealed.  A new video has been posted by the folks of GlobalDirectParts that gives us an extensive overview of what they believe is the aluminum outer shell of an iPhone 5.  The most notable change is that there's a new separation right above the mute switch on the iPhone 5, indicating that Apple may have moved the antenna to the top of the device in order to avoid Antennagate: The Sequel.  You can watch the full 5-minute clip below.

While the whole Antennagate scandal isn't really a big deal anymore, you have to imagine that Apple will redesign the next version of the iPhone to prevent another signal-related controversy.  At the beginning of the video, we're shown what looks like a put-together iPhone 5, and there doesn't seem to be any other cosmetic changes compared to the iPhone 4.  If this leak is true, then it seems like Apple will be making the iPhone 4-iPhone 5 transition similar to what they did with the 3G-3GS upgrade, meaning the iPhone 5 will likely look similar to version 4 but sport updated internals.  Then again, perhaps this device is simply a global CDMA iPhone 4 that will hit Verizon.  At the end of the video, we're told that there's more coming next week, so be sure to stay tuned for another video.  In the mean time, do you think this purported iPhone 5 casing is the real deal?