Rumor: Samsung SCH-i520 for Verizon breaks cover

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 6, 2011

Samsung SCH-i520

Motorola and HTC's Verizon LTE offerings have been made official or will be made official today, but one VZW 4G device that we still know little about is Samsung's.  We saw the tip-top of the device leak a couple of weeks ago, and its SKU appeared in Verizon's systems just a few days ago, and now actual photos of the handset may have appeared online.  What you're looking at above is said to be a render of the SCH-i520 in a protective case, which was recently upped by e-tailed Offwire.  There's no Verizon-branding present in the image, but it looks pretty similar to the one photo that leaked before.

It seems like a pretty safe bet that what we're looking at here is Samsung's LTE device headed for Verizon's shelves, but the photo doesn't reveal much else about the device.  The buttons at bottom of the phone's face are laid out in an interesting design, resembling the upside-down triangle shape of the speaker up top.  It also looks like there's a Nexus S-like hump on the back of the device.  Verizon's CES keynote and press conference are taking place today, so here's to hoping we'll learn more about Sammy's LTE handset there.  Stay tuned!

Via Droid-Life