Samsung commits to bringing dual-core smartphones, new tablets to MWC

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 7, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 LTE smartphone

Samsung may have missed out on the dual-core fun at CES with the Infuse and the unnamed Verizon LTE smartphone, but they promise that they'll make it up to you soon.  JK Shin, president of Sammy's mobile phone business, said that his company already has dual-core devices and even some new tablets waiting in the wings and that all will be revealed on February 13th, the day before Mobile World Congress kicks off.  Shin also said that Samsung is poised to offer 4G (WiMAX and LTE) tablets and smartphones to all carriers in the U.S. and that the company will slowly reduce its number of featurephones, replacing them with a number of low-end smartphones.

Tablets may be the new craze in the mobile space, but dual-core smartphones aren't far behind in terms of popularity, so it's not shocking that Samsung has a little of both coming up soon.  In the face of devices like the XOOM and Atrix 4G, Samsung's CES offerings were seen as a bit of a let-down by some, so I'm glad to see that they'll (hopefully) be bringing some serious competition to MWC next month.  Perhaps the Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy S 2 will be on hand?

Via PCMag