HP bringing webOS to smartphones, tablets, and...netbooks?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: January 16, 2011

HP webOS netbook

We already know that HP will be using webOS on some tablets and, of course, smartphones, but now it's been revealed that the company may be planning to include the OS on a product you may not expect (besides printers). According to a bit of info gained from HP's carrier training site HP webOS Central, the company could be planning to use the mobile platform on one or more netbooks at some point in the future. The video explains talks about the benefits of smartphones, tablets, and netbooks that can all talk to one another and offer a "connected experience."

Tablets are getting to be a pretty popular product as of late, and they've really been stealing thunder from netbooks, which is why I think it's kind of strange that HP may end up pushing out webOS-powered netbooks.  Perhaps they've got some plans for the OS that just can't be done with either a smartphone or a tablet, though, or maybe even a docking solution similar to what Motorola is doing with the Atrix 4G.  It's not clear whether or not we'll be seeing HP's netbook plans at their February 9th event, but considering how long we've gone without any new webOS hardware, I'm sure that some new smartphones and tablets will suffice.

HP webOS netbook

Via Engadget, HP webOS Central