Nokia X7 for AT&T gets the axe

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 17, 2011

Nokia X7 AT&T

Hopefully you weren't bubbling over with excitement at the sight of that AT&T-branded Nokia X7 that leaked the other day, because if you were, you're about to be disappointed. After being rumored to launch as soon as this month, it appears that the AT&T Nokia X7 has been canned. There are conflicting reports as to whether it was AT&T or Nokia was the one that did the killing, but either way, it certainly doesn't sound like we'll be seeing the X7 on AT&T's shelves.

While there won't be any AT&T-branded X7s on the market, I'm sure Nokia will release an unlocked version of the device if you're really into it. That said, this news is pretty disappointing for the Finnish manufacturer. Nokia isn't known for their presence in the U.S., and product cancelations like this aren't going to help them gain any traction against competitors like Android and iOS. Here's to hoping that Nokia makes up for the AT&T X7's death by giving us an even better U.S.-bound device or two at MWC. N9, anyone?

Via Pocketnow, The Nokia Blog