LG Ally's Android 2.2 update inching closer to reality

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 18, 2011

LG Ally Android 2.2

We've heard a couple of times in the past that the LG Ally will soon join the ranks of Android phones running Froyo, but if you needed even more evidence, we're happy to oblige. Check out the image above, which shows that the Ally is set to receive the eloquently named VS740ZVD update, which will bring the device up to Android 2.2. There's still no word on exactly when we can expect the upgrade to begin rolling out, but it's supposed to kick off some time next month.

Considering that the Ally is a mid-range Android phone and has been stuck with Eclair since its launch back in May, I'm kind of surprised that it's getting bumped up to Froyo, but it's certainly a welcome surprise. Now that the Ally will be getting Froyo in the near future, the number of Androids on Verizon running anything below 2.2 is dwindling, and I've got a feeling that Fascinate owners are getting more and more frustrated because of it. At least there's no Fascinate 4G with Froyo and LTE, though, right?

Via Android Central

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