100 iPad & Tablet Sweepstakes winners

The PhoneDog
Mascot from Charleston, SC
Published: January 20, 2011

We are excited to introduce the winners of our first ever 100 iPad and Tablet Giveaway.  Below you will find the names, photos, and quotes from all of our happy winners.  This link will be updated as we continue to hear back from the winners.  Make sure you check your confirmed numbers over on the Facebook application under My Entries.  You can then go check our official numbers page for the complete list of winning ticket numbers.  Be sure to check your numbers and contact us before the deadline, February 7, 2011 midnight EST.  

Winning Ticket # 1-108136 Juan Rodriguez of NY.  "I am thankful for winning the iPad. I don't usually win things, especially with such big odds."




Eli EisenbergerWinning Ticket # 1-187499 Eli Eisenberger of NY.  "wow, first time winning anything! Phonedog rules!!!!!!!"





Izuan Ismail

Winning Ticket # 1-61013 Muhamad Izuan Ismail of Singapore.  "I am so excited and surprised that I won one of the tablets! I didn't expect me to win. For those who do not win out there, don't feel half-hearted. There's more to come. Continue to support PhoneDog as it is the best phone and tech reviewers I ever came of and you never know what's in store for us in the future. As of today, I will be a true, die hard doggie fan! Thank You PhoneDog!"


Sergio RocheWinning Ticket # 1-39003 Sergio Roche of CA.  "Wow i can't believe I have won an Apple IPad!  Thanx Phonedog for making Dreams Come true."



Phillip ChackoWinning Ticket # 1-100985 Rishy Phillip Chacko of IL.  "Winning is a feeling that everyone should feel, because quite honestly, we don't always get to feel like winners. I plan on holding on to the feeling of happiness I felt when I saw myself win, and I owe my thanks to Phonedog." 



Winning Ticket # 1-319183 Josh Segill of MA. "I can't believe I won" 





Winning Ticket # 1-22462 Robert Newton of DE.  "iWon an iPad! I am one lucky dog. Bow chicka bow wow! w00t! Thanx PhoneDog XD"



Winning Ticket # 1-156263 Hong Phuc Le of The Netherlands.  "OMG I've just won a tablet !!! Still can't believe it !!!  Thank you very much Phonedog for providing us with great reviews and amazing giveaways.  And for all the participants out there, don't lose hope and be sure not to miss the next live drawing, I wish you all Good Luck !!! "



Winning Ticket # 1-294560 Chris Iacobellis of NY. "Winnaaaa babbyyy!!  I can't believe I won this sweepstakes outta like 300,000 people worldwide.... when I try to win a dainty little raffle at school, i always lose... I guess my luck just came to favor me this time!! Thanks PhoneDog"



Winning Ticket # 1-216535 Matt Abundes of CA. " I didn't believe that I had actually won. I had to ask my better half, CrystalAnn, to check my numbers for me, I thought I was reading it wrong. I never won anything my entire life. This is so great. I am going to enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Tab so much... and I'm going to be internet famous!! :)    Thank you PhoneDog"


Winning Ticket # 1-303191 Mohammed Almusimie of Jordan. "I still can't believe I won an IPad! this is like a dream ! thank you PhoneDog !!! thank you."





Winning Ticket #1-40000 Vlad Gorengaut of IL.  "I have been a fan of the site for quite a while. Always go there for the latest and greatest phone news. Never thought I would win one of their fantastic giveaways. But here I am. Thank you phonedog! Thank you for the great site, great community, and great prizes. Keep it up!"




Winning Ticket #1-219173 Jarrel Watt of FL.  "Thanks for having this drawing and the opportunity to win an iPad.  Without the fourth drawing, i would not have won.  The apps I see advertised by Apple on TV look awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on it."  



Winning Ticket #1-332595 Ariel Duldulao of NV.  "Thank you PhoneDog.  To all let's continue to support PhoneDog.  More power & God Bless."




UPDATED: Winner Ariel Duldulao of NV was nice enough to send us a photo of him with his Samsung Galaxy Tab after his win!  Thanks Ariel.

UPDATED: Winner M. Izuan Ismail of Singapore got his brand new Apple iPad and also sent us a picture.  He also recorded an unboxing.  Check that video out from here.  Thanks Izuan!