T-Mobile making the jump to LTE, but don't expect it to happen soon

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: January 20, 2011

T-Mobile LTE

We know which sides Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are all taking when it comes to WiMAX or LTE 4G, but T-Mobile hasn't really ever come out with an official word of what they plan to do once they're done upgrading their HSPA+ network. T-Mobile execs speaking with Bloomberg explained that their company will be moving to LTE "once devices are readily available and once device quality is on par" with the HSPA+ network it currently has. Unfortunately, it'll be a while before you can get your LTE on using T-Mobile's network, as the carrier explained that it'll likely be "a few years" before they're ready to roll the tech out.

Even though it'll take a while for T-Mobile to actually make the jump to LTE, it's great to hear that they've committed to a new 4G tech. It's probably not a bad idea for them to wait a few years anyway, because by then everything will be nice and established and there will be plenty of high-quality devices on the market. Now that three of the four major carriers have selected LTE as their 4G flavor of choice, you have to wonder if Sprint will eventually make the switch to LTE, too. There have been no shortage of Sprint LTE rumors in the past and, although Dan Hesse has shot down the speculation once, you have to wonder if he's still mulling over the change. Clearwire managed to pull down 90Mbps in their LTE tests, which I'm sure makes a switch to LTE even more enticing. Now that T-Mobile is on board with LTE, do you all think that Sprint should make the jump, too, or would you like to see them stick to their WiMAX guns?

Via PhoneScoop, Bloomberg