T-Mobile: Vibrant update coming "very soon," but iPhone isn't [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
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Published: January 20, 2011

Samsung Vibrant

Some owners of T-Mobile's Vibrant may have been a bit disappointed by today's confirmation of a Galaxy S 4G device for Magenta, but they shouldn't fret because they haven't been forgotten in all of the new device excitement. At a press event held this morning, T-Mobile execs confirmed that a software update for the original Vibrant will be arriving "very soon," although they wouldn't commit to a concrete date. One of the reasons for the hold up, says T-Mo CMO Cole Brodman, is that some T-Mobile-specific features like WiFi calling need to be built in to the update.

At the same event, T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm said that while his carrier would love to offer the iPhone, it doesn't sound like it'll be happening any time soon. Because T-Mobile uses a completely different 3G band than the current GSM iPhone supports, Apple would need to create a special model specifically meant for use on T-Mo, which is unlikely to happen. That's not to say that a T-Mobile iPhone won't happen a some point, though, as Humm explained that they're getting new chipsets that support 5 and 10 different cellular bands, meaning that they're chances of snagging Apple's handset will increase.

The whole Galaxy S Froyo situation has been chock full of rumors and upset users, so it's great to see that it'll (hopefully) be coming to a close soon. Still, it's disappointing that T-Mobile and Samsung are releasing a new 4G version of the Vibrant as soon as next month, and it's kind of a bummer that Android 2.2 is getting pushed out even though 2.3 is now the latest version of Android.  Are you Vibrant owners excited to finally be updated to Froyo or are you still too upset that T-Mo is releasing the Vibrant 4G?

UPDATE: Good news, everyone! Turns out that "very soon" means tomorrow to T-Mobile, as the carrier's CMO Cole Brodman has confirmed that the Vibrant's Froyo update will begin rolling out tomorrow. The update is going to come in waves, so it don't be angry if you don't get upgraded tomorrow. That said, everyone should be moved up to 2.2 within the next few weeks. So what was the hold up? Brodman says it was all a "quality control and timing issue."

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