New BlackBerry Curve leaks once again, but this time it's IRL

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: January 21, 2011

BlackBerry Sedona Apollo

Just about a week ago, a number of unannounced BlackBerrys leaked out en masse, including a next-generation Curve with the codename Apollo. Today the Apollo (or Sedona, as this leaker calls it) has popped up again, but this time we're treated to a shot of the real-life device in the wild rather than a few renders. The source of this new leak lists several of the same specs that we've heard before, including BlackBerry OS 6.1, but the new tipster claims that the Apollo will have a screen resolution that's "much higher than any current BlackBerry." The previous leak pegged the resolution at 480x360.

While the Apollo will almost certainly have a higher resolution than the current model (320x240), it seems kind of tough to believe that RIM would pack in a super high-res display into a Curve, which are traditionally some of the cheaper 'Berrys in RIM's lineup. As for the rest of the device, well, it looks very Curve-like. I'm not sure how I feel about the chrome on the sides, but I'll reserve judgment until I actually see the thing for myself. What is your impression of the newly-revised Curve so far?

Via MobileCrunch, N4BB