Samsung Forte for MetroPCS stars in another photo-filled leak [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: January 23, 2011

Samsung Forte MetroPCS

Earlier this month, we saw two Samsung devices leak out with MetroPCS 4G connectivity: the Forte with a keyboard and the SCH-R910 without. Thanks to a mysterious Flickr account, we now know that those two devices are actually one and the same. Running Android 2.2.1 beneath Samsung's TouchWiz skin, the Forte features a physical keyboard and the ability to access MetroPCS' LTE network. We've also heard that there's a 1GHz processor and 5 megapixel camera inside the Forte, but this new leak doesn't contain any evidence to support or deny those claims. Finally, there's a video that's leaked out alongside the batch of photos, but I have to say, it gives off a bit of a "controlled leak" vibe. Check it out down below.

While the Forte is neither the first Android phone nor the first 4G phone on MetroPCS, it certainly looks like it'll be catapulted to the high-end of both portions of the carrier's lineup when it arrives. The problem is, we don't know exactly when that's going to happen. Considering how often the Forte has been appearing over the past couple of weeks, though, I wouldn't be surprised if that information "leaks" out sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: A poster over at Howard Forums is reporting that the SCH-R910 will be known as the Indulge when it arrives in MetroPCS' lineup. Just when will that happen? According to RJsweesy, February 23rd. Price, meanwhile, is said to be set at $399.99.

Samsung Forte MetroPCS

Via Engadget, Flickr, Howard Forums