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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc

Just can't get enough of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc? Today is your lucky day, then, as an 11-minute walkthrough of SE's new hotness has been posted for all to enjoy. In the clip, you'll be treated to demos of the XPERIA Arc's camera, messaging app, and multimedia capabilities. Peep the whole thing down below.

After seeing how Sony Ericsson handled updates for devices like the XPERIA X10, some users may be a little turned off from the company's products in the future. I must admit, though, that the XPERIA Arc looks like a pretty hot little device, and the fact that it's coming preloaded with Gingerbread makes it even more alluring. Sony Ericsson has promised that things will be better for them in 2011 than they were in 2010, and have even gone so far as to vowed to bring timely updates to the Arc. This crazy-thin device may be one you want to keep on your radar.

Via MobileCrunch, HDBlot.it

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"Given the X10's history, would you buy the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc?"

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Irvin Sandoval Defiantly yes! They know what they make!
Benjamin Padilla Nah... SE is a lot like Samsung. They both have a bad track record of updating their phones.
Nyt Walker Yes i will definitely buy this one i love it
Marti Ruiz No im waiting for galaxy s 2
Darelle Jammon neverrr posted from my x10 still running 1.6
Carlos Zarate Yea i would change it in half of yr anyways :P
Anthony Alecseenko If it was iPhone or this, I would get se.
Duvall Mariano The timescape is before its time and the updates are really slow
Dan Daniel Its running 2.3 RIGHT NOW who else is ? Timescape and media scape were the issues for the slow updates. SE learned their lesson by making Timescape a widget instead of building into the UI. I love my X10 and cannot wait for the ARC played with it at CES. I just hope it makes it to the US faster than the X10 did
Patrick Rhodes Im waiting on that tri fold phone...
Maitreya Solanki No x10 disappointed and I'm sure arc will also.
Nate Bolton I swore off SE after my W580 fell apart, and my fiancée's W910 did the same. Their repeated failure to catch up with the smartphone times has only made me more dubious.
Manuel Comparan Sony is so 90's!! Blahhh
Gagan Bansal SE sucks...
Chris James No way. I don't appreciate being a "lab rat"
Mike Chiou No freaking way!
Carter Hooper Oh hell yeah! This was by far the sexiest phone to come out of CES. Count me in.
Christopher Wesley Nope. HTC and Motorola from now on.
Walt Alan Wilcutts Not after previously owning an X10.
Anthony Alecseenko Yea. I would. But since I have only 200 bucks to spend, I can't get it. I would love to though...
Troy Lambert I would, SE has great hardware design and great hardware multimedia features (pics and videos). Although they dropped the ball on the Android update with the X10, I'm sure they've learned they're lesson going forward. The Arc is a sexy phone, no one can deny that, plus testing so far had yielded great results.
Thomas Johnson As someone who like to mod and tinker with my electronics, I didn't like the way the X10 went down and wouldn't consider buying its successor (although I'm still kinda interested in the PSP phone). Someone like my brother, though would love it. His X10 does what he wants and is pretty usable; he didn't realize his phone was running an out-of-date OS until I told him, and he still didn't really care about anything but the lack of multi-touch. He'd probably love the Arc.
James Whitbord not a Sony Ericsson Fan.
Julio Lopez i dont like the timescape UI or the xperia series, maybe if they made a more stock android device yes
James B. Jones "Would" I? If I had to, of course. It looks like a quality device. But, seeing as how I'm looking to jump to WP7 (I know, "boo," "hiss") I wouldn't put the Arc at the top of my list.
Justin DjJustus Jones Samsung still makes better phones overall
Justin DjJustus Jones Sony arc just seems behind the times now
Himanshu Mane @patrick : i also support your words... thats why i bought a BB9700 and its amazing... so many features and the OS is also upgradable... plus BB does not throw a new piece in the market after every alternate month :P
Mario Cazares If they keep there updates in time then yes.
Arvydas Grušeckas No. I wouldn't because of whole Android history, it's not only X10 fail, it's whole platform
Matthew Dickinson No, I'll stick with Moto/HTC for my phones.
Esa Edvik It's probably very nice "as-is", just no high hopes for updates unless S-E really steps up their game. I'm psyched about the image sensor that thing has, the Exmor R. That thing is such an awesome step in the right direction in mobile photography. Finally something truly new, not the old MORE MPIX mantra. :)
Himanshu Mane well i did like the X10.... but it was tooo fat for me.. i took a HD2 instead... but the arc also has a big screen and is slim :)) so surely i would go for it :)
Reese Wright i wud maybe buy it but my really next big purchase is the blackberry playbook
Patrick Huey With what Sony's been promising in the future, it almost makes me want to make the jump on their bandwagon. The specs and devices are beautiful but i dont want to have that device with great specs if it becomes obsolete in a half a year with outdated software.
Justcallme Ren Dude, I think you guys are trying to talk me out of Sprint, lol
Kurdo Mo SE never ever again they only good with cheating their customer and not hold they promises
Nakul Khanna Yeah I will...

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