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Apple has delayed the white iPhone 4 more times than we can count at this point, but now it seems as though the device is finally going to make its scheduled spring 2011 debut. After showing up in Vodafone Germany's inventory last week, the device is now making its presence known closer to home. As you can seen above, the albino handset has appeared in AT&T's Online Account Management system in both 16GB and 32GB flavors. There's no mention of a release date, but the beginning of spring is only about a month-and-a-half away.

It may seem kind of strange that there's a new color of the iPhone 4 being released months before the iPhone 5 is probably going to be announced, but don't be surprised if Apple sells more than a few white iPhones. Not everyone follows tech closely and cares about having the latest and greatest, and I'm sure that there are plenty of folks that just want a stylish, white cell phone. This news makes you wonder, though, if Verizon be getting a white iPhone 4, too. What do you all think?


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"Is the white iPhone 4 inching closer to launch?"

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Israel Leiva
Israel Leiva All you racist people need to quit dissing the black iPhone and waiting for the epic arrival of the white one. Also, f*** Steve Jobs for making this a black and white issue. And WTF does Nokia have to do with all this? LOL
Israel Leiva
Israel Leiva LOL@The Barney Purple iPhone idea. "That's hot" *Paris Hilton voice* LOL
Anthony Renzi
Anthony Renzi How about a purple iphone? huh? i know im not the only one thinking this....
Brian M McCoy
Brian M McCoy Please learn how to spell......
Descmond Bell
Descmond Bell @Anthony...they don't matter in the US which is where I am. Nokia is a non factor in the USA. They can sale all they want but in the USA what have they done beside launch zero smartphones and 100 dumb phones..to the US. They don't matter to the US dude!
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz What is iphone. I never before heard that
Anthony Mcfarland
Anthony Mcfarland If they let me have open source without jail break-in I might consider them
Don Barkowski
Don Barkowski What about the iphone 5 ?
Anthony Mcfarland
Anthony Mcfarland And your a hypocrite dude you tout the iPhone sails but when I mention that Nokia always out sells everyone you say they don't count smh hope off of jobs dick
Anthony Mcfarland
Anthony Mcfarland Maby not to the us but the dominate all platforms over in India and eroup, and Apple don't count there phone are shitty I owned and iPhone for and returned it!!
Anthony Mcfarland
Anthony Mcfarland And just because something sells the most dosent make it the best look at the Wii, and also Apple profits came from all there products not just the phone
Descmond Bell
Descmond Bell Nokia is a non factor...they don't sell any important phones!
Anthony Mcfarland
Anthony Mcfarland The only reason they made six billion is because the over charge for an over hyped pos, you wanna get technical Nokia made over twelve so piss off fanboys
Israel Leiva
Israel Leiva Maybe Apple can keep their sales up my making an iPhone for MetroPCS, Virgin, Boost, and Cricket. This time around they should put out the White one along with the Black. Like it will make a f***ing difference. LOL!!!
Descmond Bell
Descmond Bell @Chris 6 BILLION that's all! The white phone should have come out last spring and the still made 6 Billion in profits. They probably would have profited more if they would have brought out the white iphone!
Anonymous That thing is a thing of the past
Israel Leiva
Israel Leiva The iPhone is so 3 years ago. Times have changed and the competition exists now and it's tough. The iPhone is good for people who like plug & play apple products. Verizon will take over that market soon. Even with only a 3G device. AT&T lost their cash cow. LOL
Eskias McDaniels
Eskias McDaniels I didnt know people cared so much about 3G cdma phones. Silly me.
Beth Klaser
Beth Klaser Glad I didn't try to order a white one, a freaking year later. I'll wait until the next one ;)
Manuel Comparan
Manuel Comparan Andriod andriod android!!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline T-mobile and sprint will never see the iPhone. And no its not all about android.
Israel Leiva
Israel Leiva Behold The WHITE iPHone!!! WTF?! Are you guys f***ing serious? White gets dirty too easily and it shows scratches a lot more. Call me when there is a Gold or Silver iPhone. Oh yeah, by the way.....Go Team ANDROID!!! It's all about the HTC EVO & HTC THUNDERBOLT!!!
Berto Segueda
Berto Segueda iCrap coming to Tmobile ???
Juan Velasquez
Juan Velasquez wow alot of android fanboys here :O android is ok not that great
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Actually Descmond your point is counter intuitive. People don't care and that's why they bought the black when the white (one they wanted) wasn't available.
Descmond Bell
Descmond Bell Not caring is only 199.99 or 299.99 away from Apple, which is pennies. So, does it matter that you don't care....not really!!
Descmond Bell
Descmond Bell Well according to their year ending profits of 6billion dollars...a lot of people still care. If you don't care, I think Apple can afford you NOT caring!
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez Make the screen bigger. Add text reflow on the browser. reading internet text is a pain on the iphone. I guess I need android cause its better.
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen Didn't that phone come out last year in a different color?
Noel Barcellos
Noel Barcellos who cares?
Mike Honcho Brown
Mike Honcho Brown Will they let people trade black for white?
Mario Sauceda
Mario Sauceda WHO CARES!!!!!!
Jeff Daunis
Jeff Daunis Im with Vincent and Joseph , android is the best.. can't believe Verizon sold out to the icrap
Duldulao Ryel
Duldulao Ryel I bet they gonna give iPhone 5 to Tmobile !!!!
Joe Fedewa
Joe Fedewa It's a god damn color.
Brian M McCoy
Brian M McCoy Don't care!
Michael Nestor
Michael Nestor Any ideas of what's phone sprint is going to launch at the february 6th?
Phillip Ashworth
Phillip Ashworth I still think that they should make a Red one for Verizon!
Vincent Cabral
Vincent Cabral Its all about Android! Who cares about a iPhone.
Jenn Lewis
Jenn Lewis I personally don't like it -- the black is so much more classy looking.
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson White iPhones would be a waste of money
James Gee
James Gee Im with them two: who cares?
Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira I´ve got tired of waiting and gone for the black one...
Hector Gutierrez
Hector Gutierrez What Joseph Martinez said.
James Whitbord
James Whitbord rather have a red one.
Pohru-Maikeru Sumisu
Pohru-Maikeru Sumisu ,i bet there gona put the V for 5
Crezel Cabading
Crezel Cabading Exactly
Derrico Brown
Derrico Brown Well hopefully. But the question is "Who's gonna buy one now?" AT&T is getting better phones soon, and the new iphone will be out this summer
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez Who cares?

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