Google Voice number porting

Google Voice has been getting mostly positive praise from users ever since its inception, but one of the biggest sticking points for many has been the inability to port a number into the service. Now those users have one less complaint, as Google announced today that number porting has gone live. The process will take around 24 hours to complete and set you back $20, plus any possible early termination fees that your carrier will charge after your account is canceled. Right now, porting is only available to current GV users, so you won't be able to sign up today and port your number right away. New users will be able to port a number "within the next few weeks." Check out a video explanation from El Goog down below.

While Google Voice number porting may not seem like a big deal, for those of us that swear by the service, this is a great day. Now you can port the number that you've been holding on to and giving out for years and access all of GV's features with it. The only downside is that you'll still need to sign up with a carrier to get a new number to forward to your GV number, but that's a small price to pay to be able to finally, finally port your personal number into Google. So, are any of you going to go through with the porting process?

Via Google Voice Blog

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"Will you be porting your number to Google Voice?"

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Ronnae Dominique
Ronnae Dominique I don't even use this app, so its a non-issue for me, haha
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry If I ever move area codes again, you bet I will!
Jawwad Ul Haq
Jawwad Ul Haq Yes
Harold Hidalgo
Harold Hidalgo Nope
Shaddix Boggs
Shaddix Boggs I havent sent a picture message in years. Just email it, fb and link, db and link, imgur and link twitpic. I use gvoice as my primary already but my gf is porting her # to gv shortly. She sends thousands of txt a month so it will save a ton of cash having txt over data
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed no way ;)
German Phill
German Phill nope like my GV number :) I use the other one only for emergencies ;)
Carolyn Hopper
Carolyn Hopper <3 G.V. but hate that it can't receive (or send) MMS messages. In my mind THAT should be fixed before the porting issue.
Henry Berdadero
Henry Berdadero NO
Anthony Bui
Anthony Bui Still no pix or flix messaging :/
Steele Lloyd
Steele Lloyd Already done
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue I am not really sure of the reason of wanting to port a number... I give my Google number as my main number to everyone anyways. If I happen to switch carrier numbers, I just go in and change the forwarding settings.
John Pugh
John Pugh I won't although I value MMS capability more than porting.
Juwon Howard
Juwon Howard Nope porting your number cancels your line of service then your phone will become a brick. Then the only way you could use it is if you connect to wifi. No good at all unless they plan to send you a sim card and you unlock your phone
Tito Rodriguez
Tito Rodriguez Thinking about it... Going soon to walmart mobile
Diego Pereira
Diego Pereira Eventually I will port it
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Why you asking? are you writing a book?
George Chen
George Chen i dont see any point of doing that...it will be awesome it GV supports MMS
Markell Simms
Markell Simms Negative
Markell Simms
Markell Simms Negative
Michael Buchko Jr.
Michael Buchko Jr. No, that's pointless if you still need to sign up with a carrier to have the number forwarded. I'd rather just keep my number on my service and give out my Google Voice number. I fancy my Verizon-given number but it's not worth it if I still need to have another number. What I'd like to be able to do is choose/make my own number for Google Voice, not just select a pre-made number.
Kassy Pindar
Kassy Pindar nope
Oscar Ortega
Oscar Ortega Nope
Steve Iams
Steve Iams Google number has been my primary for years
Russell Beasley
Russell Beasley Nope
Patrick Rhodes
Patrick Rhodes Nope
Joe Ngan
Joe Ngan I still need internet on my phone. It only works for phone calls right?
Rewilson Cabbab
Rewilson Cabbab I plan to down the line with my other phone, but as of right now I have no use for it. I already have an Android phone with GV integration. Google Voice FTW!
Pavel Sapozhnikov
Pavel Sapozhnikov no way
Anonymous Yah, I was waiting to switch phones to do it but now i dont change numbers so it works perfectly
Pierce Swan
Pierce Swan I won't be. I got number that is same except first 2 digits which are 24. So I'm happy enough with it being that close :-)
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone No. That's the reason why I like Google Voice now. I can use my Google number to call people who I don't really want to know what my cell number is.
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas I did that like 2 years ago LOVE IT!!!!
Robby Payne
Robby Payne If they ever enable VOIP calls, sure thing! Until then, I don't think so...
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León Hell no!
James Ricker
James Ricker Nope, I have a good GV number and still use the GV visual voicemail for my mobile. The GV widget is very useful.
Ivan Woods
Ivan Woods When I get my HTC Thunderbolt I will be using a few google apps but porting my number to Google voice will definitely not be one of them
Christian Logay
Christian Logay do homes still have land line phones? i thought that died along time ago.
Brandon Pearce
Brandon Pearce No way.
Ben Ellickan
Ben Ellickan Nope. Already have a good GV number.
Shaun David
Shaun David i use google voice for free text messages...saves me $15 a month
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez Lol, no. I'm not willing to go through all the trouble. Using it as a voice mail is good enough for me.
Jackson Storm Lancaster
Jackson Storm Lancaster noooooope.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller I just use it as my voicemail for the visual voicemail, I don't do much calling with it
Tom Puthenpterodactyl Samuel
Tom Puthenpterodactyl Samuel if they had introduced this option a while back i might have considered it. but i have an android phone, so i see little point since i already have google voice intregration.
Amos MacMantis
Amos MacMantis Already have been.
Anonymous No
Terry Jr.
Terry Jr. No

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