T-Mobile leak reveals G-Slate, Streak 7, Galaxy S 4G launch dates

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 25, 2011

Streak 7, Galaxy S 4G, G-Slate launch dates

T-Mobile's got some hot little Android products in the pipeline, like the Dell Streak 7, LG G-Slate, and Samsung Galaxy S 4G. If you've been anticipating any of these devices (or all of them, if you're like me), your day just got a little brighter, because the release dates for all three have just been leaked. Our good friends over at TmoNews have gotten their hands on what looks like a T-Mobile internal presentation slide, and it just so happens to contain the information on when the Streak 7, G-Slate, and Galaxy S 4G will land, along with some pricing info on Dell's device. Here's everything you need to know, presented in an easy-to-read bulleted list:

  • Dell Streak 7 launching February 2nd (like we'd heard) for $299.99 after an unknown rebate
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G will hit on February 23rd
  • LG G-Slate will be released on March 23rd

First up is the Streak 7, which seems like a decent deal at $300 when you consider that you're getting a 4G-capable Android tablet for three Benjamins. It may not have Honeycomb like it's G-Slate counterpart, but I'm sure that Dell would like to upgrade it to 3.0 at some point. Speaking of the G-Slate, isn't it kind of a bummer that it's still two months away? At least we can take consolation in the fact that we're sure to see it leak several more times before the late March launch. Plus, we'll have the Galaxy S 4G to keep us distracted in just about a month. I just want to know how much T-Mobile plans on charging for the speedy new Samsung device. Any guesses?

Dell Streak 7 price

Via TmoNews