Rumors of a Facebook phone have been circulating for roughly six months now, and even though Zuckerberg tried to put an end to those rumors a while back, they keep on rollin' in. Most of us are affiliated (addicted) to some form of social media whether it be Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular and lucrative mediums, so it would only make sense for manufacturers to feed on these poor addicts and manufacturer a Facebook-branded phone, right?

Honestly, I just don't see the point. People have iPhones or Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and webOS smartphones that all have their own Facebook applications. Facebook for Android already has push notifications, fairly decent Messages support, contact sync, Chat, and allows for most functions that you can do from your computer. What more could this Android-powered Facebook phone offer?

My only guess is that your messages could be routed to a universal inbox, Chat could be an application of its own – hopefully a little more stable, though not likely – and your News Feed the same. It might sport a modified UI as well, possibly a blue and white themed Sense UI skin. City A.M.'s report states that it will run “a tweaked version of Google's Android operating system” and display messages and News Feeds directly on your home screen. The report also claims integration that will include being able to call or email Facebook users based on their available information on their profile. Unfortunately, this is already available via Facebook for Android's native contact sync. 

I'm not seeing substantial differences worthy of creating an entirely new phone with modified software. City A.M. says that the phone will “be the first to bear the Facebook branding and colours.” It is also believed that HTC will be the maker of the device and that it will be paralleled with their Nexus One. As promising as this bit seems, I'm still not sold on the idea. If having “Facebook” branded all over a phone isn't enough to turn you away, maybe that bright blue and white is.

Three months ago, Mark Zuckerberg flat out denied the device's existence at the Facebook event. I find it hard to believe that the CEO of the company would completely deny the phone, then turn around and unveil it three months later. Mobile World Congress is right around the corner, and it apparently holds the answers to several different questions we all have. HTC is supposedly going to unveil this uber-social phone during the event. I guess we will see what exactly a “Facebook phone” entails.

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"Is there really a need for a Facebook phone?"

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Oliver Leon Definitly no.....
Victor Rios No especially since every phone somehow has a Facebook app installed...its enough that a Playstation phone is coming out and that's enough we don't need a Facebook phone.
Jabin George Who would thought that we needed a google phone. Who knows this might be actually good for facebook.
Thomas Tenkely Absolutely not.
Andrew Biorn I say....no it's pointless
Marti Ruiz Please no
Dawn Fasano Birchenough my iphone is my facebook phone lol
Vaughn Teegarden Given Facebook's track record on privacy, we can only assume it would post recordings of all your conversations to your wall.
JD Jarrett Not at all, mad dumb
Mike Chiou Definitely not!! Why would I give them another way to steal my personal data? And it's probably gonna be extremely difficult to disable some features that you don't want. (if they can be disabled at all)
Tony Abiama No need for a whole Facebook thing, if you have a smartphone already you don't need your phone swamped by Facebook crap. Unless ur weird liked that.
Daniel Pintor It would be pointless considering every android phone gives you full access to Facebook.
Dwight L. Burton No god dammit.
Nicholas Johnson Not really
Kevin Pham LOL. Isnt a frikken app and facebook integration enough? T_T or just brand an android phone as the "facebook phone" and call it good.
Jason Torchy Was there really need for a google branded phone?
Anthony Douglas What about a MySpace or Twitter device lmfao
Zach Stuart no point in a fb phone, there is already a fb app for phones so idk what extra they can put into a fb phone
Gladys Rufo Facebook is intended to be an app, not a phone. Altho a title sequel for The Social Network film might be in the works if this goes through. :)
Ian Mcclendon If you say "yes" then there's two options. You either have no life outside of sitting in your room playing farmville, or your joking......
David Nguy?n Absolutely not. Maybe they could try improving their app first. Facebook has already peaked anyway.
Nick Koval Pretty dumb idea....
John Skibicki III Anyone remember the myspace exclusive phone from helio... The social awesomeness of the microsoft kin... Instant Fail!
Ramon Quintero No the app is not enough. Androids facebook app sucks! Even wp7 facebook app is better
Tyrell Hubbard Hell yeah , come on people we talking ur inbox to ur messages, home would be ur profile screen, video chat, voice chat, and etc. This would push facebook further,
Ekie Belang What is facebook?
Josh Foster Whether it's needed or not, people would buy it just because of the name, just like many do with apple products. they see that logo and they think its gotta be the "best" and buy it.
Mark Makarov Nah, we good wit droids these days!
Tony Dear III I like what people said about google I totally agree it's more of a don't knock it till you try it before android happened we al thought iPhone was always gonna be best and anything to challenge it would be a failed attempt look at the whole forest not just the tree in front of you.
Peter Saad None what so ever
Riccardo DAmato They should cuz a lot of people would buy it and they'd make a lot of business lmfao
Cody Sulouff Isn't an app good enough?
Steve Pstragowski My short answer is NO..However this would makes sense and appeal to non smartphone users who just want facebook and facebook only. Becasue people with a smartphone wouldnt need it. So, they would just need to make a regular dumbphone and allow facebook access through local wi-fi only. It's an "ok" idea..do I think it would sell?? Proably not.
Frank Rivera uhmm........definitly NOT!!
Kristy Pena Nope no need
Anh-Tuan Le When the idea of a "Google" phone came, there were many who thought that was a stupid idea, too. I mean, what the hell, Google is a search engine. What does a search engine have to do with a cell phone? Well, Android is really just Google's realization that the future of search is through mobile devices, and they want to own that piece of the pie as well. Facebook's vision is that it will become an online platform for apps that will develop inside of the FB ecosystem. If FB sees that the future growth of this platform is through mobile devices, then it should try to implement its own mobile device strategy. That is, when you turn on your phone, you're already inside a FB environment and thus use FB apps. Not saying that this will come to pass, but that would be the reason.
Anthony Alecseenko Well, yes, because look at Apple iPhone, it wasn't needed and now its one of the hit phones so that means yes there should be a Facebook phone.
Tom Bryant Before there was a Google phone, we all said 'hell no'. In hindsight, Android has taken the world by storm. For better or worse, so will a Facebook phone. In hindsight, we will all wonder how we lived without it?
Johny Alvarez Nooo! What if as soon as you buy your shimmy new phone BAM Facebook is cool anymore haha!
Jay Fleet Maybe 4 or 5 yrs ago and my answer is still no
Darius Brigmon Stupidest idea..ever..
Cristian Ruiz No, there absolutely isn't. We all have Facebook on our phones now. And it's already plenty robust. What could a Facebook phone do that our current phones can't?
Chris Taylor I don't see the need for it.. From what I have been reading.. Why would anyone want FB to control verbal content in conversations when they are already controlling what feeds we see?
Matthew Harman Absolutely not!!
Brendon Federko Not really, that's why there's apps
Mia Majei No and, its only if you want to receive facebook alerts directly to your phone.
Ramon Quintero Sidekick 4g???? It can be one of them
Jenny Kern Conejo Wtf is that??
Scott Mullen NO everyone's addicted to it enough as it is :L
Christopher Pena Absolutely not, but seeing some crazy shit on FB, I'm going to assume people are still going to get it.
DaCosta Alexander Smith Maybe an app..but not a phone
Juan Jose Rios I think the FB addicts would love it
Stephen Wagner Why not. There's 700 android phones. Is there a need for all of them?
Karla Struble couldn't say it better myself, Daniel.
Troy Lambert HELL NO!
Daniel Rader Hell to the no.

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