ThunderBolt 3G simultaneous voice and data

Thanks to a leak from a couple of weeks ago, we learned that the HTC ThunderBolt will be capable of simultaneous voice and data when it launches, possibly at the end of February. Most assumed that the feature would only be available over 4G, but a newly-leaked Verizon document has revealed that that may not be the case. As you can see above, the folks at Phandroid have been sent an image claiming that the ThunderBolt will be able to access both voice and data over a 3G connection as well. Don't expect the feature to make it into all of Big Red's handsets, though, as the doc says that the carrier "cannot promise the experience will be one that is consistent with [their] brand."

Simultaneous voice and data has notoriously been a feature that's exclusive to GSM networks, and we've seen AT&T use it to tout its own iPhone and network in the past. It's been rumored that Verizon has been working on getting the functionality to work on its CDMA network, especially with the impending launch of the iPhone on their network. It'll be kind of disappointing if Big Red doesn't extend the ability to use voice and data over 3G to a majority of its phones, but the ones that do sport it will instantly become more desirable. This is especially true for those of us that aren't covered by Verizon's LTE network and won't be for a while. What do you all think about simultaneous voice and data? Is it a feature you want in your handsets, or could you care less?

Via Droid-Life, Phandroid

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"The ThunderBolt may be able to do simultaneous voice and data over 3G. Does that make it more desirable?"

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Oscar Zavala
Oscar Zavala Yes I want 3G on the thunderbolt too because I live in an area without 4G. So its not fair!!!
Jonathan White
Jonathan White Its amazing what you take for granted on other carriers... The most useful feature for this is looking up stuff on google maps while giving directions. Its always a very situational type of thing but I would rather have it then not.
Israel Leiva
Israel Leiva So basically I will be able to update my fb status while I'm talking on the phone as I'm driving off a cliff. Alright!!! And this is what AT&T brags so much about. Give it up for technology!!!
Dave Bell
Dave Bell No doubt they were the first with 4G, but WIMAX won't touch LTE... they did score with the EVO though... bastards ;-)
Pete Galluzzo
Pete Galluzzo Not with 4g data price
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III Ghetto?!! Sprint the first 4g network witch provides great service wherever I am witch the bill doesn't come out as bad? Not ghetto just not overrated like vzw (witch they are a fantastic network) but I wouldn't say I'm settling for less on sprint. The now network.
Dave Bell
Dave Bell Wow, are you people are so insecure about your ghetto networks that you find the need to jab at the most superior network in the world just to make yourselves feel good? I can't wait to see what you focus on when LTE steps up and bitch slaps your providers into the mud! :-P
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III It's not much of an upgrade joesph aside from ram and new processor (witch isn't dual core) lame the evo is getting 2.3 and sprint is very reliable for me. But it's an htc product witch makes it better than most phones love htc I just don't think the phone is impressive. It has the same screen as the evo witch is a little washed out.
Vaughn Teegarden
Vaughn Teegarden Now i just need an eyeball in my ear.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Yes
William Smith
William Smith Maybe they might let all 3g customers do it in a perfect world ;)
Michael Nwankwo
Michael Nwankwo whats the big deal about it? how many times a day will you be in a call and surfing the internet?
Chong YM
Chong YM does it mean that Deisre HD does not allow voice and data over 3G?
Alex Ward
Alex Ward I doubt that.
Ian Mcclendon
Ian Mcclendon Only at best buy? Bring the lube cause their gonna screw you all kinda ways
Michael-Paul Flaherty
Michael-Paul Flaherty Why get excited for a phone that is just NOW doing something you could for years on other providers
Marvin Oubre
Marvin Oubre No. Only dual core processor will get my attention.
Lee Maxwell
Lee Maxwell No,bu it DOES shut up the iFreaks for a few more minutes.
Thomas Benjamin Robbins
Thomas Benjamin Robbins Only sold in Best Buy? Cool so if you dont know anything about anything you're completely screwed. Best Buy Mobile is operated by a bunch of scrubs.
Matt Weber
Matt Weber Lol. Verizon this is the 21st century! I've been able to do this for years!
Matthew Cropley
Matthew Cropley I can talk on phone and browse web from my Droid incredible do t see why thus is a big deal
David Osahon Igb
David Osahon Igb Hmmm nothing in its specs points to EVDV so I don't know how they expect to do voice and data simultaneously over EVDO. As far as I know VZW's voice still travels over 1xrtt unless they've come up with some voodoo that does it over EVDO (maybe the first successful implementation of EVDV).
TyShawn Loudia Guyton
TyShawn Loudia Guyton I just wanna kno when it comes out
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez I love how people can call the thunderbolt "just and evo," when in reality, it's so much more. New Generation of Snapdragon, the new Sense UI, better screen than the evo, 768 MB's of RAM, and most importantly, it's on the nation's most reliable network. I don't know if it's just me, but that seems like it's an upgrade from the Evo.
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III @Mitch agreed 1ghz is so mid 2010
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez If it had a dual core processor as well, yes.
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III This phone isn't even "desirable" really it's just an evo witch came out 7 months ago verizon just seemed to get it late lol the only thing that gets my attention is the bionic on vzw but I love my evo and will wait till an Evo 2:)
Adam Behrens
Adam Behrens I don't understand this. I could put a person on speaker and be on the web 3g at the same time on my cliq tmo. I can do the same on my4g. Maybe I'm not understanding what this means but I can already do it seemingly with zero issues.
Kerri Kershaw
Kerri Kershaw And EH
Kerri Kershaw
Kerri Kershaw VERIZON = LOL
Josh Lazenby
Josh Lazenby Only slightly. I have had times where I needed to have Data and phone connection at the same time, but unless you're in a special situation with a job or something... it's not USUALLY a big deal.
Elvin Burgos
Elvin Burgos So 3g only during a call but 4g the rest of the time. That doesn't sound bad to me.
Jason Torchy
Jason Torchy I can do this already with another cdma company.
Robert Naj Najafabadi
Robert Naj Najafabadi No, because it is a lie only possible if in 4G area also I am not interested because I live in the future and I have this for years on AT&T aka a GSM network oh and we are getting the Inspire (HSPA+) "4G" basically the same phone.
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas I would but their plans are waaaaay to high, I like my Evo
Jay Fleet
Jay Fleet Nope
Mo Elamin
Mo Elamin damnit
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira welcome to 2007?
Cole Mannuzza
Cole Mannuzza UYES
Mia Majei
Mia Majei Not at all.
Mo Elamin
Mo Elamin 1st
Alek Alejandro Crane
Alek Alejandro Crane cheya
Christopher Pena
Christopher Pena It's on Verizon? Nope.

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