You know how they say that history repeats itself? The Facebook phone seems to be a perfect example of that. Last year, we heard rumors of the device's existence, but those rumors were promptly shot down by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Yesterday, more speculation popped up, this time with the claim that HTC was working on not one, but two Facebook phones. I bet you can guess what the next part of this story is, and not just because you already read the title. Dan Rose, head of Facebook's business development, has killed the rumors of a Facebook-branded device once again. While Rose didn't deny that HTC may be working on a device that uses Facebook APIs "in an interesting way," when asked whether or not this device would sport Facebook branding, he gave about as straightforward an answer as possible: "No."

So it sounds like HTC may be working on a handset (or line of handsets) that's got some unique Facebook integration, but don't expect it to be several shades of blue or sport any sort of Facebook branding. No surprise there, as I'm not sure that we'll ever see the fabled Facebook phone actually land, but I'll happily accept an HTC device with unique integration with the social network. Perhaps it'll be included in one of the newly-leaked phones that we saw earlier this morning?

Via Reuters (Image via Blogrunner)

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"Facebook phone rumors shot down once again. Maybe Twitter will take the opportunity to announce a Tweety Bird phone?"

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Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone A Facebook phone seems kind of ridiculous anyway but a twitter phone?! That's just too much! What's next the next big rumor? A four square phone?!
Cody Sulouff
Cody Sulouff That would be a huge fail
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Good. It sounds stupid anyway.
Justcallme Ren
Justcallme Ren Tweet phone? No. There are so many apps that tie into twitter til its not even funny. I have my twitter linked to my evo. The twitter widget on sense serves its purpose very well. To make a phone designed around twitter would be a bit silly imo. Facebook on the otherhand is a different story
Tito Rodriguez
Tito Rodriguez Lol @ Tweety Bird phone name.
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le Does nobody realize that Facebook is not just a online social network, but is a online platform in a social environment? Facebook gaming is already a huge hit. Events has been succesful. Messages not so much, but certainly can improve. More importantly, they're providing a platform for independent developers to create apps inside of Facebook. Now, it just so happens that most of these apps are completely useless right now, but that can certainly change if more devs step up to the plate. There's every reason for Facebook to ensure that everybody's initial boot up is mmediately in a FB environment. Whether it is in their strategy is a whole nother story.
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf I agree cause ios and android are already kings in the smartphone game and they both have apps for that. I think if it would of happened they would really give up on updating these apps and that would just be stupid on there part.
Optional Waffle
Optional Waffle Glad it was shot down cause that's just stupid.
Charles Blakemore
Charles Blakemore That would be a Peep Phone for Twitter. Sounds almost obscene, doesn't it?
Jae Edwards
Jae Edwards I thought they already tried a twitter phone?? www.lmaobook.com

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