Rumor: Nokia mulling over a switch to a competing OS

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 27, 2011

Nokia N8 Android

We've heard rumors that Nokia may use a competing OS on its devices on multiple occasions, and today we've got another for you. This time, though, the news comes from a somewhat unexpected source, Nokia's CEO. During the company's earnings call today, Stephen Elop discussed what he thinks his company must do to turn around its recent spat of misfortune. Elop said that Nokia needs to pick up its pace dramatically to regain lost ground and that it needs a better operating system strategy. Then the exec hinted that Nokia may be willing to use one of its competitors platforms, saying that they need to "build or join a competitive ecosystem." Elop wouldn't confirm or deny that a change was in the works, but he did say that Nokia could make a switch happen because of its strong relationships with carriers and the power of the Nokia brand.

Previous rumors have claimed that Nokia would select either Android or Windows Phone 7 for use on its hardware, although those rumors were all eventually shot down. With MeeGo-powered devices like the N9 on the horizon, I'm not sure that this new rumor is legit, either. That said, if Nokia were to use a competitor's OS, I would guess that they'd go with Android over Windows Phone 7, especially given Microsoft's unwillingness to give up WP7 sales numbers. What do you all make of this latest bit of speculation? Was Elop hinting that an OS change is in the works for Nokia?

Via All Things D