Two new HTC handsets make the jump from render to reality

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 27, 2011

HTC flagship device

Remember that flagship HTC render that leaked out a mere week ago? It's not a render anymore, as the device has been spotted in the wilds of Taipei. You can easily see the curved, silver earpiece and what appears to be a front-facing camera surrounded by a chrome ring right next to it. Unfortunately, there's not much else that's been revealed, save for the fact that it's running Android.

Don't get too upset about the lack of details on the flagship handset, though, because another HTC-made phone has broken cover. This one made its appearance in a Chinese forum and is not only sporting some Verizon branding above its display, but also a backside that reminds me quite a bit of the DROID Incredible. Perhaps this is the DInc 2 that we're expecting later this year?

As you can see, there's not a lot known about these two new mysterious devices, but at least we known that they're more than just simple renders bouncing around HTC's corporate headquarters. Plus, since the flagship render has become reality, there's a good chance that the other two devices contained in the leak will someday see the light of day, too. We're all expecting more to be revealed at Mobile World Congress next month, so stay tuned!

HTC Verizon Incredible 2

HTC Verizon Incredible 2

Via Mobile01, Engadget