AT&T 4G Androids 2011

Back at the beginning of January, AT&T said that it would be bringing 12 Android phones and 20 4G devices this year, and today a leaked document has reaffirmed its plans. As you can see in the image above, the bottom two bullet points AT&T will be offering two exclusive 4G devices in the first quarter alone, with 18 more coming later this year. There's also going to be 12 Android phones joining Ma Bell's lineup, although obviously some of those Android and 4G devices will overlap. For example, the Inspire and Atrix are both Androids and are both 4G. Speaking of the Inspire and Atrix, it's now being rumored that the two handsets could arrive as soon as February 14th.

Considering that AT&T's Android offerings up to now have been meager at best, the news that they'll be getting 12 handsets in 2011 is pretty exciting for those customers that have held off jumping to another carrier. When you know that included in that number are devices like the Atrix and Infuse, I'd say that the wait will have been worth it.

Via Phandroid

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"Looks like AT&T is shifting focus from the iPhone to Android and 4G in 2011. Will it work?"

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David Turel Yes it will. Android ftmfw =)
Amy Adams Went and got the Droid pro and I'm already in love with it!! Thanks to all for helping my earlier =)
Avi Ùd smart phones but no Unlimited Data.. 'm not Buyin'
Peter Bouchard 4G in the USA is not really 4G - it does not meet the standards for speed that defines 4G. ie: SCAM (by all carriers in the USA)
Tony Abiama I think at&t will have a very promising line-up this year with Android.
Nick Koval I hope they fail and loose 5 million customers in 2011:)
Anonymous Theyre super late
Jojo Vander Smitte AT&T needs to upgrade to new phones. There selection is limited. it would be cool if AT&T comes out with a droid.
Matt Cain I think it's funny how people were so willing to go to AT&T just for an iphone. Now that Verizon has it, AT&T is bad. I think if you look hard enough, you can find plenty of negative things to say about any of the major carriers. It depends on your area mostly and what YOU like.
Dan Daniel ATT NEEDS desperately to retain and DEprogram their reps from the iphone lifestyle. They g Iphone first everything else second. that attitude will have to chance. Simply having Android in the line up will not change that
Gerard Anaya They will succeed in the android department IF they stop being tightwads and upgrade thier android phones to 2.2, let the phones sideload apps, and have tethering.
Marcus Cadwell @amy adams: especially since you need a phone soon, go android. The iphone for verizon will be on backorder for months and months after it comes out. And speaking as a former iphone user, my droid 2 kicks ass (I also had an envtouch. Couldn't get rid of that thing fast enough)
Anthony Manansala Just don't forget about the Samsung Captivate users who were promised Froyo 5+ months ago to fix GPS issues and when are some of the apps going to be activated?!
JD Jarrett That's what they need to do, can't ride that train forever
John Cruz No android for Verizon only
Dustin Halnez Mike VanWyk...I don't have that issue because with android there is an app that lets me turn data off when I am not using it...is there one at the app store?
Frederick Brea I don't think so.... you can have as many phones as you want but if your network sucks nothing can save you
Domanick Dibiaso Dam all this I just got the iPhone 4
Lala Batiste @Mike. Try keeping your wi-fi on at all times. This way you can pick and choose when u want to hope on a network or use ur data usage. Just a thought
Konner Shea holy crap.. really? :D!
Mark Ciancimino It ain't gunna make any difference to them unless they fix their mobile broadband connection
Anthony Alecseenko I <3 AT&T network in Massachusetts! I am a gsm customer for life! :)
Christopher Manic Johnson AT&T had always been diverse, they were only lacking one more high end Android, but they had always offered the most platforms out of the four big carriers. The iPhone was a beast when it came to sales, so was it wrong they pushed that device the most? Just like how vzw pushed their Droid line hard....
Rick Schnatterly I just bought a Samsung Focus WP7 and I absolutely love it! I hope AT&T and Mr. Ballmer give this platform a chance to mature. It has great potential!
Mike VanWyk What AT&T needs to focus on is giving everyone unlimited plans. I have AT&T iphone 4, great phone but the data charges are killing me. I can go the whole day without doing much of anything on the phone and my data racks up!! If it doesnt change then ill get iphone from Verizon
John Hardin The new company to hate is now... Verizon!!
Brandon Worley Too late... should've been diversified the whole time
Mathew Kennedy I had a Droid and a Droid incredible and I'm going back to iphone. Much better experience. Android is like windows so many different phones to put it on means they can't optimize the os for each phone. iOS has one phone it has to do it on. Android is great if you can deal with your phone being out done by another one month later and apps force closing all the time. It's all based on personal preference but in my opinion iPhone is far superior to android.
Steve Wyatt Time and time again I have had bad experiences with there customer service dept. to little to late. And I will never ever pay the bill.
Juwon Howard About time they did something right. Instead of that trash ass iphone.
Ishy Pas HAHAHA, that's very funny if this is true. Considering that at first they were gimping the hell out of their android devices, now they'll be shifting their focus to it? HA.
Gray Erwin Oh yeah I love androids
Cesar Trevino You don't need root to remove unwanted apps. Just learn how to use adb.
Robin Schade Amy I would go look at the first...I have played with and used both of those phones and I prefer The Incredible
Amy Adams Alright... Thanks for the help, really do appreciate it! Ima think this over, still tempted with the iPhone cuz my iPod ha but I need a good phone asap lol so thanks!!
Frankie Panda Gonzalez @amy I agree with "John jerico" comment sorry I I spelled it wrong.
Eric Shayna @Amy IPHONE ALL THE WAY!
Jon Jerico Calanio @Amy: Droid 2 if you want a physical keyboard, Droid X if you want screen estate. Either way, both are good phones. Lol at anyone raging at AT&T's bloatware crapping up Android phones. Protip: root it, remove unwanted apps, problem solved. Better yet, flash a custom ROM. Even better.
Eric Shayna The only reason AT&T exists is from the iPhone. They have the worst quality service and networking. We used to have AT&T. You could call customer service and be on hold all day. I can't wait for them to fail so Verizon can Rule the Air!
Brian A Fields To late for me I already switched to tmobile for better service and cheaper rate and the G2 after over 10 years with att /cingular
Art Morris Where I live, AT&T still is only EDGE. Verizon (and before that Alltel) had already been 3G for several years. I really prefer the call quality of GSM vs CDMA, but as long as AT&T is only EDGE, I have to stay with Verizon.
Amy Adams Alright thanks =) I gotta think bout this cuz I hate cheap phones, annoy the hell outta me, especially where I live, they suck ass. But if I had to, the best Droid/android would be Droid X or Droid 2 ? Thought bout fascinate but not hearing great things bout it...
Darryl Mouzone I think it will. It can't hurt. Now AT&T has more to offer than just the iPhone and other phones that weren't all that great. It's a smart move. Android is growing and so are the number of people buying Android phones so if they didn't put their focus toward Android, that just wouldn't make any sense.
Robin Clark Kuppusamy Amy, get a dumb phone like a gophone or a cheapy off ebay/craigslist and wait! It'll be worth it!
Brandon Johnson At&t should have done this from the start, I guess its never too late though and they are the only ones who are pushing wp7 (haven't seen one tmo wp7 commercial yet) they need some more of those, pretty solid os so far.
Sequoyah Mc M that is a way better choice. Now that they can no longer offer the exclusiveness of the I phone on their network, they will have to you an ammassing of new OS's and other devices. IM kinda happy with this choice, because I hate apple in the first place.
Robin Clark Kuppusamy AT&T will never come back if they don't do two things: 1. Stop blocking features on their phones 2. Get rid of bloatware Had one of their androids, but now that my contract is up I can get full features somewhere else without the bloatware. There's no reason for me to stay once my contract is up. I think they have a lot to make up for...
Amy Adams I dont think I can wait that long. My env touch is shot to hell and only have a backup phone for a couple of weeks, it's like I'm screwed either way lol damn... I'm so confused ha!
Jon Jerico Calanio @Amy: Wait out for the Droid Bionic, or if you really need one right now, get the Droid 2 or Droid X. At least AT&T has a redeeming factor in switching focus to Android: The Motorola Atrix 4G. If priced and marketed right, that monster can sell like hotcakes.
Jon Jerico Calanio Of course it will. I just hoped AT&T had gone the Android route sooner and it would have been more successful.
Frankie Panda Gonzalez Amy WAIT!!! iPhone is coming to both verizon and Att in July. Dont rush to buy a phone yet. It will be WORTH IT!!
Kyle Krichbaum They are definitely making the better move. I cannot wait to move from my iPhone 3G to an android phone. I think AT&T needs to get better quality android phones and make them less expensive! The ones coming look amazing but they are down right expensive! I love AT&T but you need to take android and make it on top of the game!!
Amy Adams I need help, I'm with Verizon and idk if I should get the iPhone or a Droid/android phone! Anyone help me!? Please lol I need a really good phone. Never had an iPhone! Msg me or I'll check back here, I would appreciate the help!
Matt Cain Whenever a new iphone comea around, you know people will jump all over it. It's a good choice for first time smartphone buyers like myself. Maybe all this really means is that all phones will be given equal attention.
Frankie Panda Gonzalez Hahahaha they say that now wait until iPhone 5 comes out. They will be down on the knee on Steve jobs door step!! Remember they only had successful business company cause of the iPhone. If not they would of went down and under like the last time. 80% of Att costumers are iPhone owners. LoL. Just wait until the iPhone 5 in July. Let's see what the story is now. There only moving toward android cause VERIZON has the iPhone now and they have way BETTER android phones. So now there losing in every direction. LoL sorry ATT Let hope you guys don't go OUT OF BUSINESS AGAIN!!!!
Peewee Sudiwala 2011 - the year of Android.
Dre Moseley They don't have a choice. They overlooked Android while they still had exclusivity with the iphone. Now that they don't consider themselves a one trick pony anymore the focus has to shift.
Johny Alvarez IPhone is down already so at&t is hopeless
Gabriel Fernandez It worked for Verizon. Why not? And it seems like they have switched roles this year. Verizon making the iPhone their trophy phone and AT&T making Android theirs. It would be awesome if AT&T pulled a Verizon and made up their own moniker like "Droid" for their high end Android devices.
Josh Pires Yup awesome choice. But will it blend?
Neel Basra Yes. The downfall of iPhone has already begun, and Android had a bigger market share in Q4 2010. I'm either upgrading to WP7 or the Atrix 4g. Can't wait to get rid of my 3GS.
Brandon Errigo At&t are going down hill there products are to expensive and their phones sucks. They have the same line of phone since 2006. They really needed help that's why apple keeps giving the iphone. Well Verizon is getting the iphone 4 and 5. At&t would not no how to process a droid.
Julius Mawoussi I'm glad they gave me my unlimited data plan back.
Nick Fischer I think its a smart move on their part
Julius Mawoussi Smart move I can't wait to get rid of my iPhone 4.

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