Samsung Galaxy S2

We've finally entered February, which means we're only a couple of weeks away from Mobile World Congress and Samsung's presentation of "the next evolution." Thanks to leaks and Samsung exec JK Shin, we've known for some time now that the Galaxy S2 will be unveiled at MWC, along with some possible specs and a render. That hasn't stopped Sammy from releasing a teaser video for the device, though. There's not a lot to glean from the clip except that the phone is likely going to be super thin, but at around the 13 second mark, you can see a device in the reflection of the glass that Samsung forgot to cover up. Is it the Galaxy S2? Tough to tell now, but there's a screenshot of it below for you to judge, followed by the teaser itself.

It's going to be pretty exciting to finally see the successor to the Galaxy S unveiled, if only because we'll finally figure out if the multiple leaks we've seen were correct or not. Most of the specs seem possible, like the dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, but others, like a 1280x720 resolution, feel a little out there. Still, the Galaxy S is Samsung's top of the line smartphone, so you know that they're going to go all-out for the S2. What kind of specs do you think Samsung should or will include in the Galaxy S2?

Samsung Galaxy S2


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"Would you buy another Galaxy S phone, given that most of the existing line is still on Android 2.1?"

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Bridget Williams
Bridget Williams No. No. No. No. No. No. Never
Bridget Williams
Bridget Williams No. Never. I will never ever buy another Samsung product. That goes for TVs, phones... anything that Samsung makes.
Emmanuel Jernigan
Emmanuel Jernigan No, absolutely not!
Gregory Kearsing
Gregory Kearsing Absolutely... The phone is awesome updated or not. I'll be happier when the update comes, but living my Fascinate now, better than my wife's incredible our bro's droid x.
Billy Guiden
Billy Guiden No. Next one will be HTC or Motorola.
Fanny Ong
Fanny Ong after upgrading to froyo,our vibrant consumes battery faster than before upgrade!!!
Dan Tucker
Dan Tucker Only if it's Touchwiz free, pure Google Android like the Nexus S. Nice hardware, god aweful software from Samsung.
James Allen
James Allen Never buying another samsung unless pure google
Keith Howells
Keith Howells NEVER again
Mohd Norris
Mohd Norris I don't know what is the problem. My Galaxy S has been on the official froyo for a couple of months
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Samsung sucks
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez Got a samsung vibrant for free and after two hours I was back to my T-Mobile G2. HTC for life
Alan Jae-Hun Yi
Alan Jae-Hun Yi Yes I will buy another samsung product cuz I'm indifferent to these whiners who now hate samsung
Carmelo Del Valle
Carmelo Del Valle I don't think so! I had to go to XDA to get 2.2 and now its blazing fast. Anyway Samsung hardware is good, but the software is terrible including its developers. Hey devs go get training with Google for Android and you will kick HTC and Motorola butt!
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Yes, but fuck samsung
Eric Noriega
Eric Noriega This is kinda like asking would I go to the PhoneDog web site even though it loads slowly and works like crap with mobile browsers?
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III Nope, htc actually cares about the buyers unlike samsung who just is gonna release a new phone with 2.3 to make up fir the lack of 2.2 in 2010. *SMH*...
Eric Kim
Eric Kim Yes who cares about updates
Nick Nikola
Nick Nikola Will not buy any samsung product!
Steven Mann
Steven Mann I understand why every one us telling blame our carriers but at the same time why would I buy another product from samsung if my carrier don't support it and/or samsung don't push them... I rather spend my hard earned on a device that has the backing of both.. Soooooo my answer is no I will never buy another samsung product again even if they do make another outstanding device like my present Epic 4g
James Treszoks
James Treszoks No
Leonardo Perez
Leonardo Perez Only if if has the most recent software already installed or better
Jack Hastings
Jack Hastings NO.
Michael DePina
Michael DePina They probably are releasing / announcing a new phone so soon cuz they know they cant update the old ones with out major problems.
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Hell no... Who wants a half working phone thats laggs none stop and dead battery in 2 hrs....
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor I have an HTC Evo, so I don't have to worry about any of this!
Vince Gutierrez
Vince Gutierrez Nope took the samsung epic back and went htc evo, best thing I ever did!!
Sean McCollum
Sean McCollum Yes, the camera capabilities on this phone are some of the best out there. If it improves with the 8mp camera and 1080p recording, I'll be first in line.
Matthew Harman
Matthew Harman ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! If I had ny clue it was gunna turnout like this...I would of gone with HTC EVO!!! U SUCK SAMSUNG!!
Jason D. Leazer
Jason D. Leazer Nope even though I love my vibrant which is on 2.2 but if they had it where u just update on the kies program then I would maybe consider it
Eboy Bautista
Eboy Bautista Well.. sure.. if rooting is possible.. why not,
Ck Chiang
Ck Chiang Samsung spec is good, but their support is horrible. I'm not getting any more Samsung smart phone.
Mike Grace
Mike Grace Reed, all the other smartphone platforms are getting timely updates. Even wm6 phones all got updates pushed from Microsoft. While this is an issue beyond Samsung, they are one of the worst. Rooting and relying on a homebrew community shouldn't be the only answer to getting updates, not every consumer feels froggy enough to jump in to that pond. I'm not sure why you assume people are crying because the phone doesn't exactly fit every need we have. We just want companies that support phones past 6 months. (The Moment for instance went EOL after about that period of time)
Mike Boyd
Mike Boyd NO WAY
Shawn Cokes
Shawn Cokes of course not....
Amanda Kathleen
Amanda Kathleen I got 2.2 last month
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Hell to the NO!
Gainaako Munyal
Gainaako Munyal Well I went from a Droid X running froyo to a Samsung Fascinate. Droid X had severe rebooting problems. Although the Fascinate is still running éclair, it is still a fantastic phone. My only complaint is that it did not have 16 gb of internal storage like the Captivate and Vibrant. The Galaxy S phones have some of the best hardware around. The gpu is quite amazing and surpasses the Adreno 205 gpu found on the mytouch 4G.
Mike Grace
Mike Grace People have serious complaints and scrubs like Victor cry "haters". Way to deflect as ignorantly as you possibly could.
Shaun David
Shaun David I love how you pose this question as if its a serious topic... sure if u wanna waste your money... go ahead... Samsung has made HTC a customer 4 life in me for their screwups
Victor Rios
Victor Rios Haters! I definitely would I love the Galaxy S phones especially the Vibrant...which has Froyo!!! Haha can't wait for the new Galaxy S phone (i.e Vibrant 4G)
Adina Macias-Lyssy
Adina Macias-Lyssy Probably not...
Terrence Cartwright
Terrence Cartwright Nope. I'm content and happy with Blackberry.
Garrett Vincent
Garrett Vincent Nope not even so much as a samsung television. I don't think samsung realizes the damage theyve done. If it where the carriers,.samsung would need to let ppl know this because their brand is taking a huge PR hit. Look at all the internet forums at all the ppl who they've lost as customers. It is said ppl tell 10ppl about thier bad experience, I can't imagine the negative press samsuck has now Its gotta be viral. I will run to htc or motorola in november for annual november sprint upgrade Tl;Dr version: Samsuck is awful garbage.
Chris Brigolin
Chris Brigolin No
Humberto Vergara
Humberto Vergara No thanks
John Oldridge Jr.
John Oldridge Jr. Never ever never!!! No. Will never buy another Samsung device again.
Oscar Ortega
Oscar Ortega Nope, and it won't change
Jen Watters
Jen Watters No way
Bobby Fann
Bobby Fann Nope.
Kaizer Joelle
Kaizer Joelle Hell no! I wont buy any samsung products ever again!
Brandon Schmitz
Brandon Schmitz Nope...Bing.
Joe Noyola
Joe Noyola Yes ...but only if its running stock Android ...
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez I hate htc interfaces Samsung galaxy vibrant is the shiznit
Mike Grace
Mike Grace Owned a Samsung Moment and it was pulling teeth just to get an official 2.1 release. So I saw this coming a mile away and picked up the HTC EVO. On a side note the moment also had some serious hardware issues that Samsung didn't exactly care to remedy.
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez Never again.
Paul Pollock
Paul Pollock Hell no not buy anything from samsung HTC yes
Jason L Naylor
Jason L Naylor No, I think HTC makes better phones and samsungs always behind the mark
Nate Peters
Nate Peters Absolutely not. Never. Can't possibly think of enough negative adjectives to describe how I feel about Samsung.
Nelson H Cabrera Jr
Nelson H Cabrera Jr yes bc im sick a tired of waiting for 2.2 it just not happening so im getting the vibrant 4G on the 23 it comes out
Jarred Brandt
Jarred Brandt HTC is the only way to experience Android!
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez Oh for the record I've had 2.2 for a while now
Prabudh In india its coming with 2.2.1
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez @ dell pacino thank you for clearing that up it sucks for Samsung to get the blame for this. The software has been out but your carriers are to blame. Phonedog shame on you now you got all these iphone guys all rattled up.
David Nguy?n
David Nguy?n Never unless it was a pure Google like Nexus S.
Jaye Barlow
Jaye Barlow Nope. Never liked Samsung. Sticking with my EVO till my upgrade rolls around in October. I will buy another HTC no doubts.
Merl Bonham
Merl Bonham Hell no. I hate Touchwiz and Samsung is very slow to update. Still stuck on 2.1 on my Epic. Never again Samsung.
Ryan Olson
Ryan Olson Nope. Never again..
Manny Jaurequi
Manny Jaurequi I will always buy Samsung. The flash is the only thing that I know of that iscoming
Kevon Chanicka
Kevon Chanicka Nope i'm down with htc
Jonathon Whipple
Jonathon Whipple Sure just root and use custom time.
Manuel Comparan
Manuel Comparan Never!!!!
Kerrod Moorby
Kerrod Moorby Not a prob if you live in Australia haha have been on froyo official since November last year.
Jay Svoboda
Jay Svoboda No. . . Next phone will probably HTC in around a year and a half when my contract ends.
Fayez Noor
Emmanuel Castro
Emmanuel Castro Only if it comes with gingerbread...
Pete Galluzzo
Pete Galluzzo Hey the fascinate just drop 2.2 leak over xda, it says its a non root zip, it needs to be flashed. Well I some how I downloaded it into my phone, should I not open it.... If I open it will it flash it self.. Its like 186 mb.
Derrick Trujillo
Derrick Trujillo I won't even buy a Samsung tablet in the future, let alone a cell phone. Its sad the way they have treated their customers, because their line of phones originally were quite appealing. Always liked Samsung, not any longer.
Goran Kalman
Goran Kalman Xda solves everything. Galaxy S is still one of the best on the market and it released almost a year now.
Mindy Gonzales
Mindy Gonzales Yes I love mine and it has a leaked froyo rom
Jizzy Molina
Jizzy Molina nope im done with them. i got the 2.2 on my vibrant and it messed up this phone worse then it was.
Johnny Holmqvist
Johnny Holmqvist Whats the problem i got 2.2 ohh ..right you are in the us
Matt Edler
Matt Edler Done with Samsung; even after froyo update for the Vibrant still maintains many of the same problems plus some new ones. A much better android phone on t-mo is the mytouch 4G. Way underrated, but probably the best android phone on the market currently. It offers stability and it is lightening fast!
Brett Stevens
Brett Stevens I would as long as samsung has employee's that leak froyo for us like they did. Love my Epic w/ DK28
Erik Womack
Erik Womack Nope. I will never buy another Samsuck phone EVER!
Beto Santana
Beto Santana Probably
Dell Pacino
Dell Pacino Oh btw.... the only Galaxy pones till on 2.1 are unrooted, US variations. Everyone else in the world hs Froyo. Don't blame Samsung, BLAME YOUR CARRIER!
Fayez Noor
Fayez Noor @phonedog: ur too biased. ive 2.2 from last5 months,, its not samsungz problem. ask you service provider. they will have the answer
Adrian RhaRoo
Adrian RhaRoo HELL. NO.
John Haas
John Haas Nope...no more samsung
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia Hell no I sold my vibrant after seeing how long it will take to bring updates to the phone HTC for me only, Well I still have to see how good LG will do.
Dell Pacino
Dell Pacino Epic is one of the best phones out there, definitely better than iPhone4 in hardware, except the display (lower res but great color and contrast). Sucks if you don't know how to root, which is pretty simple and easy (one-click). If Sammy drops another top of the line device, dual core (Orion?) W/ SAMOLED Plus then I will be on it!

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