While some of you may not agree that tablets may eventually seep into the computer realm and take over home computing, there are several technologies floating around that do put the computer world at risk. Many have reveled at the thought of Motorola's latest mobile “accessory.” The Motorola Atrix 4G was announced and handled back at CES last month, but it wasn't alone. It was being shown off with its close partner in crime, the Motorola Laptop Dock. Though not the first of its kind, it's a genuinely cool concept and appears to work more smoothly than previous attempts.

If the weighty specifications of the Atrix 4G itself isn't enough to tempt customers to take to the Motorola path, the addition of a laptop dock could give the device the extra push it needs to outdo the competition. Paired with the dock, the Atrix 4G can essentially be turned into a lightweight laptop with all your essentials on hand. You can take care of your text messaging, emails, and even play the games – that are installed on your phone – from the dock.

Many of us expected no less than the phone to hit the market for somewhere around the subsidized price of $200. That's the norm these days. But we all questioned what the price point of the dock would be. Being a big selling point for the Atrix, you would have expected the price of the add-on to be rather competitive. There had been some rumors floating around of the dock running for $150, a very reasonable price. Instead, the price of the unbundled dock is $500. If you buy the dock with the phone, you get the two for $500 after a $100 mail-in rebate.

Unfortunately, this $500 bundle in not a “no strings attached” deal. A 2GB data package will be required and users will have to agree to pay the additional tethering fee. It may be a nice chunk of change to save instantly, but it will cost quite a bit more in the long run, especially for those who currently have a 200MB data plan.

That said, I'm not so sure people will be lining up to get their Laptop Dock with their Atrix. While the Redfly Mobile Companion for your BlackBerry handset isn't exactly as appealing or as functional as this Atrix dock appears to be, I would much rather shell out $200 for a “terminal” than $500. Even if it does reek of 1995.

The Laptop Dock has essentially no internals. It is a 11.6-inch display with a keyboard, touchpad, speakers, and a battery. The obvious key benefits of it are the large display, full FireFox web browser, and the ability to run your Android applications from a laptop-like form factor. In short, it is like having a netbook with a mobile operating system on it; and in my opinion, not worth $500. Not even close.

I could understand $250, or maybe even $300 (what you pay in the bundle) for the dock, but at the price of a decent laptop or a more portable and flexible tablet, I'm not sure other people will be able to justify the dock either. Let's just hope the Atrix 4G has enough oomph to hold its own (which I believe it does), because it doesn't look like the Laptop Dock will be of much support. Would you pay $500 for the Motorola Laptop Dock? Or would you prefer to just go without or spend your money on a tablet?


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"Is the Motorola Laptop Dock for the Atrix 4G overpriced?"

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Kandra Lum winn a Laptop Dock four free ok
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Kandra Lum winnnfour free
Neal Gompa It is ridiculously expensive. I thought it was going to be $300, maybe $350 as a bundle with the 2yr contract, but nope... AT&T continues to stab me in the back....
Jeff Adams I like the idea but im not spending $500 for a dock, the phone im getting when it comes out. I mean the phone alone is almost a mini laptop itself. dual core, 1gb ram, 16gb internal storage plus up to 32gb sd card for 48gb total.
Sylbert Joseph One word. Retarded. Who's gonna spend 500+ on a phone with a dock? They will just get an ipad, and just like that you lost your sale.
John Cruz Im gonna get it
Jose Pablo Islas Of course...free is overpriced for a motorola
Tony Abiama Things don't look too bright for the Atrix with this mess that came out. I'm betting this will not be the final say in price... its ludicrous.
Randy Perkinson He'll yes.
Grant Stansel Dear Phonedog, can you please tell me your email because I encountered a serious issue on the one paw-bandit game.
Rafael Guzman Yes but is awesome.
Chris Miserendino AT&T are in their current state by offering competative pricing for the iPhone. $199 for the Atrix I can see, but $300 for an accessesory?!?!? i will wait 6 months and get on one ebay or CL. way to blow it before it even started!
Matthew Johnson That's way too much for something that has no internals and probably won't work with your next phone. The length of the product cycle is questionable and most people even considering these two together probably already own laptops.
Krista Salomon Sanderson given that you have to pay $70/mo in DATA charges ALONE to have this, plus a cell plan....no way. I would have shelled out the $500 for both, but not with monthly charges like that!
Ricardo Contreras Jr. Fries and acoke
Jordan Mosley I thought is was supposed to be $150. For 500 bucks, someone could just get a tablet or a real laptop. I hope these prices aren't indicators to the xoom's price.
Shane Currier Way over priced...
Jason Talley I would say $150 max, maybe $200 if it would have had a 15.6 screen, but considering it's basically just a shell and a screen, there is no way I would ever pay that much for it.
Mike Trieu I say it might be worth it to buy just the phone now and wait a few months for the price of the dock accessories to come down nicely in price.
Cody Sulouff lmfao, $500? NO THANKS MOTOROLA. Id rather buy a new comp than a dock..
Ben Bartholomew of course it is. they know you got money for the phone, why not jack up the price for the stand?
Thomas Payne Yes. Im not going to cash out ~300-500 bucks for a screen, battery, and keyboard.
Peter Bouchard extremely!
Marti Ruiz I dont know man
Edwin Batista It is overpriced but there again, there are millions of id**ts buying everything-apple(the biggest company when it comes to overpriced PoS)
Joel Elizondo Aha Hell yeah but I want it tho...sexy looking,but buying 1 of those is like buying 2 laptops, or even a MAC.
Richard Smith yes....way way over
Rafael Alexis Illan its overpriced, with $500 you can get a decent entry level laptop
Terence E. Abiama What the hell is Motorola thinking, they just took the wind out of their own sail. They had something special, till they got greedy. I will wait for the next best thing to come out. Maybe a new iphone.
Naram Moshe Yes it is!
Schyler MagicTrax Johnson Yes, it's overpriced and bordering on ridiculous.
Johny Alvarez ? iPhone joke xP
Johnson Jacob It's cool, but way overpriced. I wonder why they don't ahve it for the Motorola Droid Bionic with Verizon. because only at&t people would pay that much for it... lol
Allen Drewe Way too much.
George St. Martin But most real laptops have windows 7 on it. I'm gonna get this because I want a new phone, and I'll have the kind of laptop I wanted in the first place. This isn't for everybody, but its certainly for me.
Roney Desousa Nahh, i really think its nicely priced considering the power of something so powerful, buy the Atrix and the need for a Netbook or maybe even a Laptop seems to be decreased.
Michael Payne well i got the dell streak 5 running froyo 2.2 and its pretty sweet. i was thinking about getting the atrix with the laptop dock but for 600 to 500 for both dont think so. now maybe 400. i can see myself paying 199 for atrix and 199 for dock but no more then that.
Steve Doric Dam straight son!
Patrick Huey they are getting close to a netbook price. So yeah, it definitely is.
Johny Alvarez ? lmao xD
Hernan Ramirez Juarez If its not free, its overpriced :P
Humberto Vergara im pretty sure it is overprice. at that price i can buy a new laptop.
Gerard Saraber Between the high price and the tether requirement, I'm not buying the laptop dock. I'll just get a tablet instead, better form factor and the same money.
Jan Michael Cruz Sooo, laptop dock is like a laptop right??
Adonis Reyes Who goin buy dat! Rich ass ppl thats who...
Johny Alvarez Hellz to the yeah!

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