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If you're a heavy data user on Verizon, you may want to consider cutting down on your usage a bit, otherwise you'll be facing some seriously slowed speeds in the future. According to a document posted to Verizon's website, the carrier will begin throttling the data of its subscribers that use an "extraordinary amount of data." The plan would be to lower speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle to make sure that a user's insatiable data hunger doesn't disturb the experience of other users. Alongside the throttling, Verizon details plans to optimize data use in the same doc, which VZW says will allow them to "transmit data files in a more efficient manner to allow available network capacity to benefit the greatest number of users." Check out the whole PDF for yourself at the source link.

There has been news of T-Mobile throttling data, and rumors of Sprint doing the same, so it's not surprising that Verizon would consider throttling speeds of heavy users, too. With the VeriPhone on the horizon, I'm sure that they want to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible so that they don't fall into the same situation that AT&T has been when it comes to data usage. I'm sure that a lot of people won't be affected by Big Red's data throttling, but I also wouldn't be surprised if some of you are heavy users. If you fall into the latter group, it may be time to cut down on the data usage just a bit. What do you all think of Verizon throttling and optimizing data use?

Via BGR, Verizon (PDF)

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"Should carriers throttle the data speeds of the heaviest users?"

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Daniel Hernandez how many && what price aree all the data plans for verizon, I'm getting the blackberry curve 9330 && I'm forsure getting a data pack buh how much do they cost'?
Bridget Williams No. Not if it's marketed as unlimited. That, IMHO is fraud. If carriers want to do that they should market it as (eg 5GB full speed after that we will throttle you to the point that your phone, tablet whatever will be unusable until your next billing cycle or you lose your mind and or your phone. Whichever comes first.)
Justin Peahi (w/ Verizon) if you read your terms and conditions for service, it says that using a ROOT or 3rd party app to share internet is a breach of your contract and can result in termination of your services.
Justin Peahi The throttle is because users hack their devices and use the "unlimited internet" that their phone gets to share that connection with other wifi or data devices. STOP hacking your phones and pay for the tethering if you need it. Nothing is free and until people realize that understand that just cause they have the means to take advantage...... they shouldn't.
Jeremy Carlton Yes, but I don't think it should be as low as it is. T-Mobile is 5 gigs, tethering plan or not. These days with smartphone capabilities, more data is used at a faster rate. 5 gigs is nothing. I use 5 gigs in my sleep.
Donny Gaetano This is false
Debra Spicher Throttle is one thing. But Tmobile drops your net down to Edge. I don't use my net enough now to reach that point, but I can you tell right now it sucks. At least throttle it reasonably, I think that is acceptable and fair. When I was throttled, my net would actually cut out and ignore my requests.
Brian M McCoy You guys should look at what you pay for. If you consider what had as a plan almost 10 years go, and what you get now. 10 years ago, data speeds were oh so much slower. Talk minutes was more expensive. You can forget about picture mail as phones didn't have camera's. Text messaging was mostly used by high school students. How bout GPS? And so on and so on.
Angel Miguel Peguero No cap unlimited
Nick Weiss If this is the case people that only have access to 2g data coverage should pay less sense they can't utilize the network to its fullest potential
Gerardo Ortega I use to have Verizon, Verizon is expensive. Now I have the the Any time any mobile plan, unlimited data, including 4G,text,calls to any mobile,+ TV on Sprint.
Sybil Robinson I pay for unlimited I should get what I'm paying for there's just too much changing with vzw. Now I wish I never switched over.
Chris Luna We need to riot and burn stuff!
Reginald Austin No Cap on Premium Data!
Jennifer Lindsay Brown *charged overage, when you get to 5gb
Jennifer Lindsay Brown With t-mobile, it is unlimited, meaning you will not get charged over. In their terms and conditions section 10 says that if you reach 5g then your speeds will be slowed. I'm sure verizon would have something in their terms and conditions as well.
Jamel Pegues I have a question what do I have to do to be a phone reviewer or to be a part of phonedog
Zach Cline That they are and they're already talking about tiered data plans with the 4g network. If I remember right it's going to be $50 a month for 5 gb and possibly $80 for 10 gb. That is insane. Verizon knows how to piss people off , I'll give that to them.
Tony Abiama I think if its unlimited then you shouldn't be throttled plain an simple, they're just going to increase the price of their unlimited plans anyway
Zach Cline I'm paying $30 a month for unlimited and it better be just that.
Ross Silva NO!!!!
Eskias McDaniels That's like having an all you can eat buffett that really isn't all you can eat. No ill take my sushi, steak, and ice cream Brownie with whip cream. Thanks.
Edwin David Navedo No! I believe that if we're paying whatever carrier then they should just leave us be, also F*** Verizon!
Jose Pablo Islas So...if say joe uses his for occasional web browsing...and bob uses his for his small home business...bob...the guy more likely to spend more money on service gets punished...sounds like a good way to shot yourself in the foot
Freddie Hillz No Dislike, wait maybe what if other people want to use more speeds and you snooty bitches took it away, so maybe yes. Haha xD!
Brandon Johnson I see that throttling data on power users as big problem, I happen to be one of those power users although I've only went over grossly once, I'd still like to think my "unlimited" data plan is just that.
Edgar Rodriguez What pisses me off is that they are making phone internet faster but they are limiting our access to it whichs makes faster internet pointless
Chris Luna Lets head to the streets and riot!
Juwon Howard ALL carriers will throttle you at 5 gigs not just Verizon
Victor N Perez The only reason I can see them doing this . And understand why they do this is to make it a fare navigation experiance too all user and control all data traffic on there network
Mike Wilson No way. The plan calls itself an "unlimited" data plan. Where in the term "unlimited" does it say "Well, uh....yea, it's unlimited....until we feel like slowing you down so that it feels like tiered data. Check, please!" Suck it, Big Red! Wait, isn't Verizon the network that was saying "Oh yea, bring on the iPhone 4, we're ready! We've got the network! Our network can eat nails and shit tacks!" I guess not, eh?
Edgar Rodriguez You guys have to understand that they are not lies it is unlimited. Im on tmo and after 5gb they throttle you to an insane low speed. But you can still use the internet. Do I like it or agree with it? Help no this is a smartphone I don't care about the average user im not the average I love to get the most out of my phone. I can easily go over 5gb every month but now I have to limit my usage and become an average user because of this crap. There must be something we can do to stand up for ourselves our phones are practically useless with the data cap
Ryan Artolachipe No. I just had it happen yesterday from tmo
Anh-Tuan Le Throttle, but don't charge penalties.
Anh-Tuan Le Yes if they're over 5GB or 10GB, they really should be throttled. I'm online constantly, emailing constantly, and average around 2GB per month. I have no idea how a person can even get to 5GB, unless they're using their wifi hot spot excessively.
Darryl Mouzone I say no because if you pay for unlimited, then that's exactly what you should get, no matter how much data you use.
Adam Mullen No. there is balance in what the lighter users are utilizing. If they can't handle the balance of light & heavy utilization, then they need to improve their network to handle what the market dictates by our usages as their customers. This is only going to become a bigger problem as mobile data increases in popularity. Carriers throttling speeds is just them admitting that their network cannot handle normal traffic for their consumers. They should not be putting the usage burden on the consumer if they expect us to continue to upgrade out service/devies
Kent Masias I'm with Matt.
Christopher Pena I blame torrent users.
Jamel Taylor I pay for unlimited data and that's what i should get.
Matt Cain If you pay for unlimited data, you should be getting unlimited data without ANY issues. Otherwise, how is that getting what you pay for?
Jeffrey Reynolds If the contract says unlimited then that's what it should be. If the phone company wants to limit "heavy data" users than they need to limit the monthly data usage in some way. I guess Verizon made a bad call on their initial data package offer!
Phillip Walker @ tim verizon throttles but still doesn't charge overages, I simply cannot go to AT&T because I use maybe 12GB a month. That's close to $300 in overages on AT&T
Phillip Walker I believe my contract says unlimited without any repricussions for taking advantage of it because I damn well pay for it that's why I use the log hack for my G2. I stream video, music, download ROMS, use it to tether (I pay for it), etc and to be blunt I want what I friggin pay for.
Tony Frolik While I agree that they shouldn't restrict the speed, I think people arguing that their data isn't unlimited are looking at it incorrectly. They aren't limiting how much data, just how fast you can get it. Of course, I'm "only" a 2-3 gb user, so I'm crossing my fingers that I don't hit the top 5% threshold.
Tim Miyashiro Hahahahahahaha. And you guys thought AT&T sucked.
Brandon Worley that would effect so few people...all you're doing is pissing off a bunch of people for no reason... what you fail to address here is the definition of "heaviest users"... we're talking about such a small segment of users here, maybe you should state that as well! the average smart phone user WOULD NOT BE EFFECTED by any "throttling" if it were to start happening
Ryan Kusuma I paid for unlimited. I WANT MY DATA AND I WANT IT FAST.
Eric McIntyre Only if the don't brag about their data speeds and hide behind the facade of "unlimited data"
Chris Holmes No. If Verizon doesn't want people using a lot of data, they should not have reintroduced their unlimited data plan just to get people to buy a phone.
Jill Pingel Dislike. Might be looking elsewhere for coverage.
Carlos Graves absolutely not. that would be false advertising by them saying that they offer "unlimited data"
Rody Monroe No and they shouldn't call it unlimited if its soft capped at 5gigs! Lies!
Jaret Miller Fuck Verizon! Greedy bastards!
Johnny Torres NO...i pay for unlimited and shouldn't be penalized because I go over the limit.
Stephen Wagner I'm sick of Verizon. What do they mean by heavy user. How much are we talking here
David Hilgendorf No!!! This is just another reason why I didn't want the ithing on the network. There aware of the amount of ppl coming over and this is there way of saying the caps is what's slowing the network down, when we all know it's because the fruity traffic. Ever sense the announcement they keep changing everything. From upgrades, returns and now data. May look into another carrier after the fruit comes if it does slow up.
Nancy G Bowlin I only have family members as friends and very few IMs so why so slow already?
Raymond Cruz Honestly, i could see why they would wanna do it. Im on tmobile and they give you 5gb before they slow your speeds down. Average consumer probably wouldnt use that much but for people like me who run roms and use their phone as a wifi hotspot, that 5gb disappears quickly. I hate that they do it but from a business point of view i cant really blame them..
Nancy G Bowlin How would you know? I feel that sometimes my Droid is very slow. I have facebook on my Droid and it takes 30 minutes to an Hour for posts to show up. I thought it was automatically there. I wonder how long it takes to get information normally "if" nothing has been affected as of yet? Very interesting.
Junior Roman No That Just Means They Are Using The Service They Pay For ..... Jr.
Devon Bain Nope. Because you let them do it in one aspect, you'll end up with the same in home connections eventually. I don't want to pay for a speed tier and metered billing, do you? Net access should be unrestricted for all: they paid you for the speed, if your pricing structure doesn't take into account the above average user as in balance with the below average data user, then its your fault, not the users.

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