Android 2.x now on nearly 90 percent of all devices

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 4, 2011

Android OS distribution February

At the beginning of every month, Google releases the latest Android OS distribution numbers, and this month is no different. The last couple of updates has seen Froyo slowly gaining more and more ground, and today it's gotten its biggest portion of the pie yet. As you can see in the chart above, Android 2.2 is sitting at 57.6 percent, meaning it makes up almost two-thirds of all Android phones. Eclair has steadily be shrinking, although it's still got a good chunk of the market at 31.4 percent. Donut is finally no longer in the double digits at 6.3 percent and Cupcake has nearly been eradicated, appearing on only 3.9 percent of handsets. Meanwhile, Gingerbread, which is still only officially available on the Nexus S, actually managed to double in size from last month, going from 0.4 percent in January to 0.8 percent in February.

Android 2.2's distribution numbers are certainly impressive, and they really go to show how much the platform has matured and fought fragmentation as of late. It's kind of disappointing that we'll never see Cupcake and Donut completely disappear thanks to devices like the Devour and CLIQ XT and their lack of updates, but the fact that they are or soon will be below 5 percent distribution is still pretty good. Android owners, which version of the OS is your handset currently running?

Via Android Developers Blog