Palm Pre 2 finally arriving on Verizon's shelves on February 17th? [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: February 4, 2011

Palm Pre 2 Verizon launch

I'm not really sure if this still qualifies as "the coming months," but it appears that the Palm Pre 2 may finally be launching on Verizon later this month. The internal document you see above, allegedly from a third-party retailer, claims that the Pre 2 has an "All Channel" launch date of February 17th. That date may be several months after the unlocked GSM Pre 2 was released, but at least CDMA webOS fans may finally be able to get their hands on webOS 2.0.

Considering that HP/Palm is going to be showing off some shiny new webOS hardware next week, I don't know how desirable the Pre 2 will be to a lot of customers if and when it launches. Of course, some customers may not even care about what HP announces, and for all we know, there may not even be any new webOS smartphones coming to Verizon after next week. If that ends up happening, I could see Big Red's Pre 2 moving a few units, but it'll still have a tough time competing with the iPhone 4 and ThunderBolt. Would any of you pick up a Pre 2 on Verizon, or is it too little, too late at this point?

UPDATE: PreCentral just got sent a similar screenshot, but this one has a price, too: $100 with a two-year contract. How does that sound?

Palm Pre 2 Verizon price

Via Engadget, PreCentral

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