Sprint's event in New York City, which we live-blogged for all of you out there, was a showcase for Sprint more than anything else. A showcase about technology and an "industry first." And, indeed, the Kyocera Echo is an industry-first, in that it's a smartphone that dropped the physical keyboard, and in its place put a second touchscreen display. In concept, a dual-display phone is something that many people would probably love to get their hands on, and I'll be completely straightforward when I say that the idea was certainly intriguing to me. However, now that the real deal has been made official, I'm sitting here wondering if that excitement was ill-placed.

The specifications of the device alone aren't enough to get me all that excited. The 3.5-inch dual-screen displays are nice, and have a resolution that I wouldn't mind looking at more than once a day, but everything else just seems . . . Middle-of-the-road to me. Especially now, as we look forward to more devices with a 1.2GHz processor under the hood, and even faster ones this year. That, and I was kind of shocked to see that there's no front facing camera. With the love of video chat/calling, or just the idea of having another camera, that's been going around lately, it's a feature that I find puzzling to see missing.

But in truth, even if the Echo had a faster processor, a front facing camera, and the absolute most latest version of Android (like 2.4?), I still don't think I'd be all that interested in getting my hands on this device. Not because I want a physical keyboard, because I don't. I much prefer a software 'board. But, it's the fact that I have to deal with two batteries. There's the fact that the device, as you can see from the image above, looks more like a Nintendo DS(i, XL, 3DS, take your pick) than a phone. And then there's the one thing that I really, truly can't ignore: and that's the fact that the device is manufactured from Kyocera.

I'm not going to sit here and say that Kyocera makes bad phones. Or terrible phones. But, let's face it -- they don't make great phones. And, with a device like the Echo, it needs to be great. Or, it needed to be great. Now that the device is already announced, I guess we can't sit here and say what it "needs" to be great. It's already coming. And, whether the majority like it or not, Kyocera's got bragging rights for being the first dual-display Android-powered smartphone.

Of course, this is just my personal outlook on the brand new Echo. The price point is great, especially for face value of the phone, and there's probably going to be plenty of people out there who pick it up, just so they can show it off to all of their friends. But, the big question is, will there be more people out there shying away from the Kyocera brand, and waiting to get their hands on some other device that will launch on Sprint's network in the future?

For me, I'm waiting. The idea is cool, even great, but the Kyocera Echo is not what I'm looking for when it comes to a dual-display device. But what about you? How do you feel the Echo stands up against the competition? Does the brand make any difference to you? Or are you someone who needs to have it because it will be the newest, coolest toy on the market? Let me know in the comments below.

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Chris Taylor @Don Horan Excuse me? I was merely wondering why everyone is hating on this phone, when it looks really cool and innovative. Stop your complaining, if this isn't the phone you wanted, suck it up and wait a few more months. Did you people really think that Sprint would release an Evo 2 one month after the Evo Shift? All of you are screwed up if you thought that. And how an I a blog troll? Because I'm defending a cellphone and disagreeing with your opinions, I'm automatically labeled as a troll? Grow up.
Mark Navarro This has to be a early aprils fools joke! Why would they want to embarrass them selves like this. Worst phone release in the history of mobile. ITS A DAMN UGLY PHONE! I'm embarrassed to say that I have Sprint as my wireless network. I hope they learn from this.
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich screens have improved n so has shitty phones like kyocera so for a good price n a few good apps to run flawlessly why not its a hit the second version will have better screen processor and more ram n storage so this will improve very soon guyz n i think the big guys will copy this design such as nokia...
Carlos Quinones It seems kinda cool. I imagine cool emulators on it(nintendo DS). But true, without 4G, doing different things across both screens would be limited, not to mention that it doesn't have a dual core processor and this will likely be a battery hog. I think they should scrap this and start over with a tegra 2 processor, FFC, and 4G. Then i will have to take a second look. The screen size is fine, since its 2 screens. 3.7-4inch would be better tho.
Don Horan @Chris Taylor, What is your title at Sprint? Blog Troll?
Don Horan Anything KYOCERA = EPIC FAIL
Jabin George I idea is good but . The processer is not powefull enough.
Joseph Thelmas I might buy it, overclock it, and throw a honeycomb mod on there... no 4g sux though
Sam Rick How did Sprint pay u to say that?
Sam Rick Lol look at those Sprint stills coming late to the party
Tim Gruber i would buy it if it had 4g, i really like the form factor
Chris Taylor I don't understand why everybody is hating on this device, none of you have used it, so who are you to pass judgement? This is easily THE MOST INNOVATIVE CELL PHONE DESIGN EVER. Kyocera took a HUGE risk entering the high-end smartphone market, and I commend them for that. Everyone is hating on it because it's made by Kyocera, if it had been made by HTC, everyone would be going crazy right now. The only problem that I can see is that because there's no 4G, it'll probably be difficult for the phone to run two high-end applications, say, watching a YouTube video and browsing the web at the same time, I just don't think 3G is enough to support that. However, this phone still looks awesome, and I can't wait for it to come out!
Chris Taylor @Zach The Droid and iPhone4 are both long in tooth.
Chris Taylor @Zeph Two "failing phones?" And what might those be?
Chris Taylor @Miles Yeah, a 1GHz processor isn't enough, sure.
Sam Rick Kyocera,Sprint?? Kyocera??????!a brand that you expect to find at a Kmart!!is this your answer to the bionic,atrix,the thunderbolt and the optimusx2????!!
William Young the phone is ugly and the worse ugly phone of android phones
Sam Rick Sprint is going back to its former self....a crappy company with shitty phones.
Sam Rick Huge disappointment and an epic fail
Rafael Guzman Noooooo noooo nooo.
Michael Nestor I thought sprint was gonna come out with something nicer than that... I think sprint should consider redesigning this phone not even dual camera on the phone.... This phone suck straight up....
Vladimir Avril Some people just like their cucumbers pickled. *shrugs*
Sambath Luy F u sprint for wasting my time....hell to the no
Marti Ruiz im wainting the next galaxy s
Marti Ruiz nop very small screenn , 3.6 and up is better
Zach Cline Lol. I can't believe they think this is even going to sell. It looked like it was going to break when I watched they guy demo it.
Nate Lundie hmmmmmm a phone with the same processor my Nexus One launched with over a year ago?
Frankie Panda Gonzalez This Shit is WACK. Why would i want to watch a big ass screen with a thick black line going threw it.
Anthony Bivins Who ever made phone should have swallowed!!!!!!lol
Jason L Naylor Nope I've been waiting for gingerbread for my evo
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Concept good, but design not very polished, and it shud hav 4g in it, and even dual core,then mayb this mobile would hav been only smartphone which cud had Honeycomb on it, coz it cud hav accomodate Honeycomb due to it's large screen(when both screen are open)...........hope Kyocera and spirit wud nt try to rush thng nxt time.......
Daniel Gomez Not impressed
Eric Kroh Its interestig..but its on the WRONG network
Ryan Gontko Ugly as heck...ill stick with my Dell Venue Pro thanks...
Ronney Jung when they start selling the dsi
Samantha Smith No! Horrid phone! What were they thinking?
Nikki Bedell No, I was hoping for 4g in my area since I am already paying for it. I have had a Kyocera phone in the past and they suck, my phone just quite working one day.
Zach Cline So glad I'm with verizon. We don't have shitty phones like this . Droid and iPhone 4 ftw.
Rc Cavin I think it would be a bit better if it was made by like HTC ,Samsung or some other product designers
Amin Mashkoori Hell no! What are they thinking somebody is getting Fired when they only sell a 100 of these ugly things
Garrett Vincent evo 2 or jump ship to verizon for droid bionic
Devin Vosburgh Must...have...more...STIMULATION! lol Really...do we need to resort to this for our mobile devises?
Ron Dennis The thing looks absolutely pants, like someone already said, it's a DS.
Tony Cunningham i likw my LG Optimus
Maitreya Solanki does not makes any sense
French Twist That said, it looks like an interesting device. Can you imagine having room to type and see the screen at the same time? Win/Win.
Corey Barrs No. I'm happy with my Evo.
Matt Peters I have run into a few circumstances where I am streaming video and want to respond to messages. This device would solve that problem... If it had more than a 1300mA battery. I admit that I was very let down by the announcement.
French Twist The only device I'm waiting for is an Android high end dual GSM/ CDMA device, with NO contract, pay as I go from any carrier. Until then, I'm keeping my EVO.
Raymond Toshlee Jones Jr. not at all. i want my htc 7 pro
Ben Broyles Hundred times no
Miguel Angel Lee let me put it like this: why buy a 30K Hyundai... when you could be buying a BMW for that same price! if HTC was making this device, it would totally be a different story.
Joel Elizondo Ehh concept looks kinda cool,I would like to play with it, but this phone seems more for kids to have ehh idk could be wrong,gonna stick with Evo tho fo sho :D
Nicholas Ether Though, a 4.5 inch dual screen, w/ little to no hinge, that would work with honeycomb by htc with dual core would be sweet! A Tablet phone sounds awesome, this just failed though. Kyocera is so cheap
Scott Pepi i was hoping for an HTC Tablet
Nicholas Ether No, but as any Sprint Customer should know, the best phones come in the beginning of the Summer, and the end of the summer/fall. Evo 2 will prbly be in june. Hopefully along with HTC tablet 4G
Zeph McLearan "We have these two failing phones, what if we put two of them together and sell it as the best thing as sliced bread" "Sounds like pure genius"
Victor Rios No way! There's already a Playstation phone coming soon so why should there be a phone that looks like a Nintendo DS? Big time FAILURE Sprint!
Jerry Adney Nah. I wouldn't have any use for the dual screen so it's kind of gimmicky for me. Also Kyocera phones are terrible quality (at least historically). I'll keep an eye out for a new HTC this summer when my Evo is due for its yearly upgrade but until then it runs everything I throw at it so I'm in no hurry. Back when I used Palm and Win Mobile phones I felt the gadget envy every year when the new models were released but these days it's sort of settled down and become less about major hardware revisions. Even the new HTCs coming out for other carriers looks like slightly refreshed Evos so no biggie for me. I won't bother spending $200 for a little more RAM or a slightly faster CPU. Maybe when software takes advantage of higher end gear I will be in a hurry to upgrade.
Justin Young If I didn't have the Droid incredible I'd get it. It's exactly what I want size wize.
Isaiah Marshall Would be better with: dual core processors, special type of screen (super amoled, 3d, ect.), bigger screen, and less gay...
Eddie Cobb No, it may be different but that doesnt mean its good, I would rather have an HTC or Samsung device since both brands have a good history, sorry Echo but you just dont impress me.
Peter Torruellas nope was hoping for Sprint that it was getting some Dual core loving with the LG Optima. If they keep up with crappy phones im going with T-Mobile.
Luis Valenzuela no, not really
Jamel Sankey fuck that if it aint htc i dont want it..
TB Ogungbadero It's pretty cool, but no.
John Shaw nope it looks like it can break easily
Joshua Bender Horton imma switch to a Thunderbolt sprint. YES that means verizon. HTFU with an EVO 2
Zack DePetris I really don't know what sprint was thinking
Daniel Marcano I hope Sprint reads this, goes back to the drawing board and hurry the fuck up with the HTC Evo 2. Bring us better phones Sprint! Wtf! Verizon is shitting on us, and you bring out the shitty ass Kyocera!?
Markell Simms Hell Noooooo check out the HTC 7 PRO
Anthony Scott Pancurak test tried it, didnt like it at all, cheap screen, cheap touch sensors, phone is screaming Its cheap
Matt Jackson Hell to the no, I'm eating the ETF and moving on to a carrier that doesn't repeatedly piss on it's customers and call it sugar.
Tony Abiama Lol @ what I was waiting for... waiting for that Evo 2 to be announced.
Anthony Scott Pancurak definately not
Joshua Bender Horton nintendo should sue the hell outta kyocera. design stolen and the exact layout. SPRINT EVO FTW
Lawrence Butler A Nintendo DS with callining capabilities would be better.
Noe Zuniga Sorry no tortilla lmao!!!
Mike Stubblefield Are you kidding? Rename it the FailFone......
Dominique D Barr Hell no what a waste if time
Curt Popejoy only if I can play pokemon sapphire on it.
Nehemiah Maddox wtf is a kyocera if i've never heard of the company i don't think i feel like being their test dummy to see if their shits works
Daniel Marcano Big disappointment.

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