White iPhone 4 price tag spotted at Best Buy

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: February 7, 2011

Best Buy White iPhone 4

While thousands of eager Verizon customers wait for their iPhone 4 to arrive this morning, we're seeing leaks that confirm that AT&T customers will soon be able to get a new version of the iPhone 4, too. We already know that Apple will be pushing out the white iPhone 4 this spring, and now we know that that launch is closer than ever thanks to a leaked Best Buy price tag. The $600 tag doesn't give any indication as to exactly when the albino iPhone will launch, but it's obviously happening soon.

The white iPhone 4 is certainly going to be a tough sell for a lot of customers with the iPhone 5 around the corner, but I'll just be glad to see the thing finally launch, even if it is coming eight or nine months after the black model initially arrived. We're still a little over a month before spring officially kicks off, but I'm sure Apple wouldn't mind pushing it out a little earlier. The question is, will anyone buy it?

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