Samsung Epic 4G getting Froyo on Feb. 21st, Fascinate following on Feb. 22nd?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: February 8, 2011

Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2 EA17

I'm not sure if you all noticed or not, but the Samsung Epic 4G didn't get updated to Android 2.2 on December 26th like one rumor claimed it would. Sprint promised that the upgrade would come "ASAP," and now another rumor has appeared that claims to know exactly when that is. According to a source speaking with Android Central, the Epic will finally be bumped up to build EA17 of Froyo on February 21st. However, the Epic's not the only Galaxy S that'll be getting a nice surprise this month, claims the site. They say that all of you Fascinate owners should "keep your calendars clear on or about Feb. 22."

Considering all of the rumors and delays that have surrounded the Galaxy S Froyo updates, it's tough to believe anything new we hear on the situation, but this newest bit of speculation seems like it could be right on. After all, T-Mobile's Vibrant finally got updated to Android 2.2 late last month, and U.S. Cellular's Mesmerize is due to see the upgrade soon. We'll just have to cross our fingers (and our toes) and hope. Do you all think that we'll finally see two more Galaxy S Froyo updates later this month?

Via Android Central

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