Motorola Charm, Flipout, and i1 won't see any Android updates, either

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 9, 2011

Motorola Software Upgrade timeline

Motorola recently admitted that the wouldn't be updated the CLIQ XT to Android 2.1, and now they've added a few more devices to the list of phones that will never see an upgrade. After updating its Android Software Upgrade timeline, Moto has said that the Charm and Flipout will remain on 2.1 for eternity. The i1 and CLIQ XT aren't even that lucky, as they'll forever be stuck on Android 1.5.

When we originally heard that the CLIQ XT wouldn't be updated beyond Cupcake, I said that I hoped that T-Mobile had a plan in place to soothe the device's angered owners. A document leaked to our friends at TmoNews reveals that yes, they do have something up their sleeve. It's not clear exactly what T-Mo is doing for CLIQ XT users, but the carrier's Customer Loyalty Teams have been told that they have "a special offer" to entice those customers to stick around.

It's pretty disappointing to see Moto giving the cold shoulder to so many of their devices, and it's even more sad for the owners of those phones. Sure, they're not the most high-end Android handsets around, but that doesn't mean that their users should never see a single update. This is normally where I'd say that it seems like the only way to guarantee a swift update is to buy a bleeding edge device, but as Samsung has proven, even that can be hard to accomplish.

Via Motorola, TmoNews